Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow & Fonts

Here's some more of M.A.Tipper. All the different fonts! I have a few more rows of alphabets to get through. I ended up with more stitching time, since I have been sick. I made it to the Dr. today so now have 10 days of antibiotics to take. I hope to be feeling better soon.

This is what it looked at daylight this morning. The bad weather has continued all day.
I hope that wherever you are that you are warm and safe.
Thanks for stopping by.


1 week without diet coke and counting.


Faye said...

I am sick of the weather I tell ya!! All this snow and ice is nice to get to stay in and all...but we will have to make up all these snow days..grrr.. Saturday will be our first makeup day!

Hope you feel better soon...antibiotics should help alot!! Keep that red alphabet coming...Looks real nice~


Catherine said...

What a pretty snow picture! Hope you are staying warm and safe!

Glad to hear that you got some meds - I hope they help!

Carol said...

I honestly can't believe the snow you have been getting down there this winter, Chris! It sure is pretty--as long as you can just stay in the house!

I seem to have caught the bad head cold myself--it feels like it's going to explode right now--ugh. Hope your medication helps...

At least you're getting some extra stitching time! You sure will know your alphabet extra well by the time you're done with this piece :)

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Chris! Your stitching is so pretty....Hope you're feeling much better real soon! :) Paulette

Myra said...

I hope the meds take care of that cold Chris. I am tired of this weather now - worried about the roads tomorrow. Stay safe.

Mary said...

I can really see the new addition! Looks great.

Hope the meds do the trick and you feel better soon!

KimV said...

Chris I hope that you feel better... good job on the week without diet coke... that's hard! I'm a coffee nut myself... Your outside looks like mine... but we have like 14 inches.
Love the alphabet!