Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Prim Finish & A Chart to Pass On

Happy Weekend All!
   Did you have snow? Have you spent some time stitching? There was more rain here in the Carolinas. The skies cleared this afternoon and tomorrow is supposed to be nice.
  I have another finish to share with you.
This is A Schoolroom Christmas 'Christmas Elf.' I am not sure where or when this made it into my stash, a store visited many years ago or a guild tag sale? It was a fun stitch.
See the date? 1986?  I wasn't doing this kind of stitching then. I wasn't stitching at all.
  So, would you like to stitch this? Please et me know and I will pass the chart along. If more than one person is interested I will draw a name next Sunday.
   Well I am going to stitch some more....
If someone cooperates.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hello All!
   How did it get to be the end of January? Hopefully the days are starting to get a little longer. There is still a lot of winter left, at least it had not been quite as cold for many areas.
  So last year I really failed on my TUSAL posts. 
Here is my jar filled with 2014's orts. all the red is extra cording that I didn't need when I finished some ornaments before Christmas.

Here is the jar that I have picked out of my collection to use for 2015. Not a bad start to the year for me. 
  I did have another finish...
Free Betsy Z25 by Bent Creek. This has traveled around the country with me. I am trying to finish up some things that I have had started and are close to a finish. So, it gives me my 2nd finish of 2015.
  How is your 2015 stitching going?

That is all I have for now. Stitch on my Friends!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Oklahoma ✔️

So, what do you do when you are stuck in a small town in Kansas over the weekend? Drive to Oklahoma City! 
It was a 2&1/2 hour straight shot from Newton. Of course I went easy on the coffee before getting in the car. No worries, on this drive there were plenty of truck stops along the way.
This was my first stop for a late breakfast/early lunch.
This was one of the best steaks that I have ever had. It is located in Stockyard City.
I walked a round  a little.
After that I headed over to the Oklahoma Museum of Art.
The current exhibit was of young Chinese artists.
This is a little close up of a large piece that was gorgeous!
This huge piece is a textile piece.
Some close ups...
Pretty incredible.
The museum also has a huge Chihuly collection. When Rich and I were in Seattle we went to the Chihuly Gardens next to the Space Needle and we went to the traveling exhibit in Richmond a couple of years ago so I really didn't think that I would see anything different.
I was wrong.

Such amazing colors and forms.
It was a nice way to spend the afternoon.
There was a little stitching during the week.
My work week was long. I am ready to be home.

Have a great weekend my friends!
As always thanks for traveling with me.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Picture This Plus Fabric Abilene, KS

Saturday morning I got up, had some coffee(3 cups) and a diet coke. I was on a mission. Abilene, KS is just a little over an hour up the road so off I went. Note to self ... When in KS do not drink so much coffee before traveling in KS where you can drive for miles without seeing a gas station or convenience store. Fortunately there was a place right as I came in to town that had restrooms. Those cornfields were looking pretty tempting.
  So why was I on a mission? Abilene is the home of Picture This Plus Fabric.
Getter warmer!
Look at the gorgeous colors. 
Marilyn and I were talking and she gave me the tour...
The fabric comes in these rolls that weigh from 30 to 50 pounds. The fabric doesn't have any sizing in it. 
Here is the dying area.
Here is a serger and you can see the drying racks in the background.
There are also lots of wonderful models that are stitched on this gorgeous fabric.
This is what ended up coming home  with me. I wanted the light blues with the sparkle for some snowmen.
Above the fabric store is a lovely bookstore too. How lucky for me to get to visit Abilene.
Abilene is also the home of President Eisenhower. I didn't got to the Presidential museum and library.
 I did stop at the Dickenson County Museum and got to see this amazing carousel that was built in Abilene.
More gorgeous horses.
There are only 2 C.W. Parker carousels left.
Look at this poor unrestored horse. 
What a great treat to see this. The museum also has the second largest collection of phones. Some of the early machines looked pretty amazing.
  So after all this excitement I headed over to Salina, KS to the Cozy Inn burger place.
It looks very similar to the Texas Tavern in Roanoke, VA. This place is only serves burgers.
Yum! I can see why this is one of Kansas's most iconic restaurants.
The little burgers were yummy.
  So after lunch I headed back to Newton.

What a day!
Thanks for riding along!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Florida & Kansas

Hello Friends.
   How was your week? If you were in North America you were cold. Here's to more moderate temps in the upcoming week!
   I started the week in Florida at meetings. It was in the 70's when I got there and 35 when I left.
 Monday night I met an old friend and his partner for dinner. I have not seen him in over 15 years. We worked together back  in the 90's.
  So great to see him.
 It was wonderful to see some of my colleagues and to have a chance to spend time with those that I hadn't yet met.

   I was not excited about going out at night to bowl, but once I go there I enjoyed it. Now, it has been over 20 years  since I have bowled and this was probably the best I have bowled...
I ended up with 156. Not too bad.
  While in Florida I found out that they moved up the conversion of the site in Newton, KS so instead of going home I went straight to KS.
I really didn't pack for this. Actually it has been ok. Fortunately I brought my coat with me. I had considered leaving it in my car back in NC. I did have to go to Walmart and pick up a couple of things, gloves and some casual things. I had to do laundry at the hotel too.
Hello Wichita!
Hello cheap gas!
Fortunately everything went well on Thursday night. I had to verify the data conversion at one in the morning it made for a long 22 hour day. Friday was a long work day too. Hopefully the upcoming week will be calm, normal hours. I have a lot of inventory work to do.
  I am staying at a nice Holiday Inn Express. My room is right across from the laundry(how did they know?). The room is very comfortable and 5 minutes away from the site. I am thankful for little things.
  I will fly home early Friday morning. Yea!
  I had some great adventures this weekend, but will do another post on that.
  Have a wonderful week!
  Stay warm!


Monday, January 5, 2015

Not A Bad Start

Hello Friends!
  I hope that everyone is ready to get back to the day to day after the holidays. I am. It has been pretty gloomy and rainy the last couple of weeks is NC. I had a cold over Christmas and have spent too much time at home in my PJs.
  It has been nice sleeping in my own bed  next to Rich. I miss the guy. I did quite a bit of cooking. I miss that too.
  We did get out for a hike on New Years Day.
We drove up to Hanging Rock State Park. The sun was actually out for a little bit.
Here are a few more views. 
It was nice to be out. Now that hunting season is over Rich and I need to get back to our weekend hikes.
  Yesterday I joined some friends for lunch and to see the filmed version of this play...
It was excellent, great performances.
 I also finished Beggar's Night by Threadwork Primitives.
I started this probably last March. It is so nice to have one project out of my stack of WIPs done. I have Beggar's Fourth kitted up but I am resisting starting it. I need to get Nancy Johnson finished first.
  So all in all not a bad start. I am heading to Florida this morning for some meetings. I got an email from my supervisor on Friday saying that my responsibilities will be changing some. Very frustrating. We have been going through a merger and I just want the dust to settle and to move forward.
  I am going to see a dear friend while I am in FL that I haven't seen in about 18 years. Woohoo!
  Wishing you all a wonderful week!


Friday, January 2, 2015

Travel Recap 2014

Dear Friends,
    Here are some of my travels in 2014. This is a very picture heavy post. I am going to try and provide links for many of the places that I visited. I hope that you enjoy!
January 2014-Middleton Place.  Charleston, SC
January 2014 St. Phillips Church Charleston, SC
March 2014 Skyline Roanoke, VA
March 2014 McAfee's Knob Hike Appalachian Trail near Blacksburg, VA
April 2014 Greenwood, SC
May 2014 Lake Charles, LA flash flood
 June 2014 McKinley National Monument & Museum Canton, OH
June 2014 Fredericksburg Battlefield Fredericksburg, VA

 July 2014 Ft. Walton Beach, FL
                                                    July 2014 New Oreans, LA
                     July 2014 Newton, KS                            
 July 2014 Keeper of the Plains Wichita, KS
July 2014 Salt Mine Tour Hutchinson, KS 
 July 2014 The Constitution, Old Ironsides, Boston, MA
 July 2014 The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, MA
 July 2014 Salem, MA
 August 2014 Weaverville, NC
 September 2014 Comerica Park Detroit, MI
 September 2014 Zehnders, Frankenmuth, MI

 September 2014 The Detroit Institute of Art, Detroit, MI
 September 2014 The Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame Cleveland, OH
 October 2014 Ozette Triangle Hike Cape Alva, WA
 October 2014 Hoh Rainforest Olympic National Park, WA
 October 2014 La Push, WA
October 2014 Seattle, WA
 October 2014 Pike Place Market Seattle, WA
 October 2014 The Space Needle Seattle, WA
 October 2014 Mount Rainier, WA
 October 2014 Mt. Rainier, WA
 October 2014 Brown & Haley Tacoma, WA
 October 2014 Tacoma Narrow Bridge Tacoma, WA
 October 2014 Fort Nisqually Tacoma, WA

November 2014 Shatila Bakery Dearborn, MI

There were other stops that I have missed on this recap. I saw many wonderful things this year. I try to explore where ever I go. It makes the grind of business travel easier. 

What will 2015 bring? Right now on my travel schedule I am going to El Paso, TX and St. Cloud, MN and back to Florida and Kansas.  Rich and I are starting to think about vacations in 2015. 

What was your favorite place that you visited in 2014?

Here is to a year full of adventures!

Thanks for traveling with me!