Sunday, December 21, 2014

Handmade Christmas Gift Exchange

Hello Friends.
   How was your week? Are you ready for the holidays? I have 2 busy days and then I  am off through the weekend. I need to get some things done around the house and then I look forward to spending some quiet time with Rich.
  I spent last week working on getting a site ready to open and I had to be ill with Staples, IT, the alarm company... This is what wears me out. Also the bed in my hotel room was horrible. Ugh!
   But Friday night I met with 2 friends for a handmade Christmas exchange.
  I made this small ornament for both of them...
It is from the 2014 JCS Ornament Issue. It is the design from the Victoria Sampler- Designs by Cathy Jean.
Here is the backing fabric that I used.
My friend made this basket that she filled with cut boxwood and some local treats.
I am looking forward to using this basket for some of my WIPs. Isn't it wonderful?
My other friend knitted me this lovely soft scarf. I love the ruffles. When I put it around my neck and then put my coat on it looks like a lovely ruffled collar.
  We had a lovely dinner at Bia's in Asheboro.
Followed by coffee the next morning at the Table.
What a lovely holiday treat. We have already agreed to do this again next year. So I need to think about what I want to make. 
  Unfortunately I have not gotten anything else accomplished this weekend... There were some naps.
 Wishing you all a magical Christmas!


Monday, December 15, 2014

Some Stitching Fabulousness

Hello Dear Friends.
   I hope that everyone has a good last quarter of the year. Where has the time gone? I am sorry for my absence but life has been busy. My travel schedule has taken a toll on my blog, my stitching, my get the picture right?
    I have traveled to some new places and met some new people, tried some new things. The last few months most of the time that I have been on the road there have been other colleagues with me and you end up going out to eat. I am looking forward some time alone  so I can go back to my hotel room and stitch. This time of year it is hard to explore by myself, it gets dark so early.
 I have had to invest in some tights and cuddleduds for some trips to the frozen north, Minnesota and Michigan.
  I had a milestone  birthday in November and came out on the other side ok.
  But the title of this post is stitching...
I am stitching the stained glass mistletoe ornament by Ink Circles from the 2015 JCS ornament issue.
Now comes the fun part when I can add some color.
I am also trying to get Nancy finished up. She has been languishing next to my stitching chair.
   But back to the fabulousness...
I received a couple of wonderful Christmas gifts this week.

Myra (Gr8dames Place Blog) spoiled me with this beautiful stitched pillow. I LOVE it! Her finishing is so beautiful. The design is from the gazette94 blog. She also gifted me with one of the sweet little birds that she sewed. It is filled with walnut shells in case I want to use it as a pincushion. And she also gave me one of the bell ornaments that she stitched. Myra, you spoiled me!
I also received this wonderful ornament from Robin(Threads of Memory blog). I have loved this design she first came out with it. Thank you!
   So, lots of fabulousness right?!
   I have a  handmade gift exchange this Friday so look for another update. My pieces are finished so I can relax now, I even made myself one!
  Well, I must get ready for the week. I hope that it is a good one for everyone. I am going to make sure that I take time to stop and look around.


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ozette Triangle Trail

Or first full day in Washington we headed out to the Ozette Triangle trail. This trail is part of the most western point of the US. The only way to get to the beach is to hike in.
Much of the trail is on these board walks.

There are huge cedar trees and lots of big ferns.
Huge slugs....blech.
And finally the beach...
We could hear sea lions hanging out on this small island.
What am amazing coast line.
Huge driftwood trees were on the beach. They were amazing.
Going up.....
Going down...
Sea glass...
This was a wonderful hike. It is about 11 to 12 miles. Our cell phone batteries died by the time we left the beach so I can't share with you some of the other sites that we saw. This is one of the top hikes that we have done. If you ever get out to the Olympic Peninsula this one is a must!

Thanks for traveling with me!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Vacation Time!

 Here we go! Leaving Charlotte early in the morning.
                      It is nice to be flying with someone I know :)
I like taking pictures from the airplane window. The country is so amazing.
After landing in Seattle we drove out to the Olympic Peninsula to Forks, WA. Some of you will instantly know what this place is famous for, but we did not see any vampires or wolves.
Forks reminded me very much of some of the small towns in interior Maine. The industry is logging. This is a small town where everyone goes to the high school football game on Friday night.
Go Spartans. And the next morning when you stop at the coffee shop at the Thriftway(the only grocery store) and people want to know what you thought about the game.
The Thriftway has everything you could possibly want. It was right down the street from where we stayed.
We opted for the non Twilight themed rooms. They were cheaper and I really didn't need a poster of Bella or Edward hanging above the bed. The Mocha Motion drive through was just 2 doors down and of the different places(including the original Starbucks) they served up the yummiest mochas and lattes of my trip.
I wish that I had planned at least another day to stay out here. It was very relaxing and so beautiful. The next post will be about our first hike in the area.


Leaving Detroit...

When last we talked I had told you all about my adventures in Detroit. After the lost weekend there I traveled over to the next site that I was visiting, Ashtabula, OH.
I took in the views along parts of Lake Erie.
Then it was hello Cleveland!
I stopped to spend a couple of hours in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame.

I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would. It was great reading about all my favorite bands. I loved the Elvis exhibit and watching American Bandstand. I really didn't have much more time to explore Cleveland. I will try and do that another time. I need to go see the Christmas Story House but I would like to do that with Rich.

This is Ashtabula Harbor. This little section of town has a lot of nice little restaurants.
Looking out towards the lake.
I had some pickled vegetables with my dinner.
This was a lovely place to visit. There is so much to see in each little town if you take the time to stop and look around.

After leaving the area I had a 15 hour turn around at home before Rich and I headed out on our annual vacation. Watch out Seattle! Here we come!

As always, thanks for traveling along!


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Yes! It Is That Time Of Year....Ornament Issue Time

Every September I look forward to the release of the annual ornament issue from Just Cross Stitch. I have stitched so many ornaments from these issues. Thank you to all the designers that contribute each year.
  Here are a few of my favorites from this issue....
This sweet design by Nikyscreations. I have seen a few finishes of the design out on the blogs already.
I love this Mistletoe ornament from Ink Circles. I love the colors. The Holly ornament in the ornament preview issue is pretty too. The 2 designs are the same size and could be used to make a fabulous 2 sided ornament.
This one is from New York Dreamer. I like the overdoes.
This is by Cherished Stitches. I really like this border.
And Little House Needleworks. 
There are quite a few more that I would stitch. 
  This magazine is such a great value when you consider how much a chart costs.
So here is my start on the  Mistletoe ornament. 
   I am trying to get back to stitching some.
  I hope that everyone is having a great weekend. We are enjoying some beautiful fall weather.

Stitch On!


Friday, October 10, 2014

Detroit... The Food Report

Hello Friends!
   You know that when I travel I like to try different foods and search out some of the kinds of food that aren't available in Asheboro, NC.
   So here we go...
Middle Eastern Food
Amazing Fatoush, hummus, tabouli and baba ghanoush.
Stuffed pepper. These meals were at a little family place called Pineland. The teenagers in the family were the servers. They were so kind and funny. I ate here a couple of times.

Next is Polish food, I really wish that Rich was with me for this.
I found a place called Sabinas in the Melvinville section of town. The pierogis, kielbasa, and stuffed cabbage were wonderful.
  In my tour of downtown Detroit Tina took me to the place that originated the hot dog, with chili and onions, aka the coney. 
What is not to love?
Oh boy.
 Tina also made sure that I had one of these...
It is kind of a cream soda, or should I say pop?
  Tina and her sister also took me up to the town of Frankenmuth for dinner one night. It is about an hour and a half from Detroit and is a German community. The buildings are in the German style, it is really pretty.
But we were there for the chicken. 
Everything is served family style. It was yummy.
  So, do I need to go on a diet now? Yes!
Thank you Detroit!