Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stories From The Road

Fabulous theater in Hutchinson, KS.
The urns outside the Frank Lloyd Wright house in Wichita. Unfortunately there were no tours available when I was there.
Here is another view.
Beautiful place to enjoy my lunch at the clinic in Newton, KS.
I visited the detention center in Newton, KS. I needed to be fingerprinted to register with the Kansas Board of Pharmacy.
Another view of the train station in Newton.
Me! Headed off to work.
Meanwhile back in North Carolina...
Beautiful gardens in Pittsboro.
An amazing meal in Pittsboro, NC trout...

Unfortunately there has not been any stitching. I am reading more. That is a bonus. I usually read on the plane.
There has been lots going on at home. Company for over a week and our AC being replaced. Rich has had his hands full. Hopefully things will start to even out soon.

I miss you all and hope to catch up with everyone soon. Thanks to all who have emailed me to check in! You guys are the best.

Stitch some for me!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Salt Mines

Hello Friends,
   After a week of doing inventory I feel like I have been sent to the salt mines.
But on Sunday I went to the actual salt mine. 
Going down...
Ooh it is all sparkly!
The tours were very interesting. There is enough salt down here for the next 2500 years.
Now there are huge storage areas down here for films and TV series and documents.
Props from movies...
And costumes too.
There was a ride around part of the mine.
Can you see the ceiling sag in the back right hand side? The salt layer is detaching from the ceiling.
It was a great tour,if you ever make it to Kansas go see this. I only wish that Rich was here to share the experience with me.

Are you ready for the 4th?
I am ready to be home.


Monday, June 30, 2014

The Heart's Desire Wichita, KS

Hello Stitchers!
   I hope that you week is starting off right! I am looking forward to getting home late Thursday.
   But since I was here over the weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Heart's Desire in Wichita.
What am amazing store. There are ao few of them anymore.
This is their fabulous Halloween wall.
A Christmas display.
The shop was huge, the staff welcoming and gave me plenty of time to walk around undisturbed.
  Of course I came home with a couple of things.
I need to cross off Away We Ride on my wish list. 
   If you find yourself in Wichita, make sure you get to this shop!
This is the fabulous theater across the street from the shop. What a great building.
  Well it is Monday, and I have to go to the salt mines..... More about that later, salt mines that is!


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Greetings From Kansas!

   Yes, you heard me right! Kansas! And I am really enjoying it.
   I flew in to Kansas City on Tuesday and had a 3 hour drive to the location that I  am working at.
The grasslands stretch for miles. It is so different from the east.
  When I finally got of the turnpike I saw this...
Who knew? I didn't see any Prairie Chickens...
 It was another 50 miles or so to Newton, KS.
  After or before my work day I do take a little bit of time to explore...
Newton has a fabulous old train station that Amtrak still stops at. There is a pretty  big train yard too. Apparently this was a town where the railroad crews changed.
One of my coworker's recommended Le-J's BBQ to me. This is so different than NC BBQ, such smoky goodness. 
I also ate at the Breadbasket in Newton.
They have wonderful soups.
Instead of having a large bowl of one type I had a cup each of different types.
  I was amazed that for a small town how many fabric shops there are. People here do a lot of quilting. There are 3 quilt hangings that I have seen in the building
I am working in.
There is a walking/bike path next to the hotel that I have been using. I saw this lovely guy yesterday.
  There has been no stitching, I was hoping to tonight but somehow time has gotten away from me. I spent today exploring Wichita. I will post more about that tomorrow.
   Thanks for traveling with me.
    I need a salad!

Monday, June 23, 2014

What Day of the Month Is It?

   Can you believe that we are headed into the end of June and that the 4th of July is just around the corner? How did that happen? I have had a hard time keeping up with what date it is.
   This morning I am sitting at the airport on my way to Pittsburgh and tomorrow I will be on my way to Wichita. If any of you know some things to do or see in Wichita please let me know. I am going to be spending some time there.
  Do you want to see some of the places that I have been?
This is the McKinley National Monument in Canton, OH. What a lovely place to walk in the morning. The steps provide quite a workout.
This is the Fredricksburg Battlefield in Fredricksburg, VA. This was a civil war battle where you can clearly imagine. Where the armies were positioned.
  Last week was New Orleans....
I had some wonderful charbroiled oysters.
  I am managing to travel with my backpack and my carry on suitcase. 
Hopefully I will be a pro soon.
  I did finally put a couple of stitches in yesterday.
I am trying to finish her before I start any new projects. My goal this week is to stitch some on my travel projects and get caught up on my blog reading. I know that you all have been up to some wonderful things!
I miss you guys.

Well, I have to get on my flight.
Have a wonderful week!


Monday, June 16, 2014

A Wonderful Class

   I have been trying to adjust to my new schedule and one thing that I haven't been doing is stitching. That needs to change!
   Last Saturday was the Piedmont Heritage Sampler Guild's class with Pam & Susan from Praiseworthy Stitches.
My friend Susan brought us all flags since it was Flag Day.
Here is Pam showing us the first piece they taught. Under the bunnies is some grass that is covering up where 2 pieces of fabric were spliced together.
This is what we practiced. The house on this piece is done in rice stitch and underneath the house are smyrnas.
Pam & Susan spoiled us!
The scissors, with a fob and waxer that they made for us.
This is the second piece that they taught. This one is spliced up the middle.
It is a funky little sampler.
Wonderful kits!
Stitching action!
What an awesome day!
There was some retail opportunities too.
  It was a wonderful day. Thank you Praiseworthy Stitches!
 I did not start either piece. I need to finish a Nancy Johnson and Beggar's Night since they are both 2/3 of the way finished.
  Thanks you for visiting. I hope to get caught up on my blog reading soon!
I miss you all and want to know what you have been up to.
  On my way home from class I saw this...
Have a great week guys! I have to board a flight now.