Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Last weekend I ended a business trip in Connecticut so Rich flew up and we celebrated Thanksgiving with his family on Saturday. It is the first time we have been back to Connecticut for a holiday in 16 years.

We picked up the turkey at Stew Leonard's. This is Rich with his Mom and sister.

 Our nephew is holiding up a dish of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans in a little game of Russian Roulette as to who would get the dirt, vomit or ear wax flavored bean.

I think Anthony got a vomit flavored one. Ugh!
Some of the family.
Going through a box of ornaments. Rich's Mom is passing things on.

Rich came home with this one that he made in school, maybe 3rd grade.
I am so glad that all of the travel arrangements worked out and we had this wonderful holiday with the family.

Wishing you Peace & Joy! 
And a wonderful Feast!


Sunday, November 1, 2015

October 2015

Goodbye October, hello November.
Do you feel time flying by? Now the big push to the holidays. All the flyers in the papers seem full of holiday items. I need to find a way to slow down and enjoy some of it. I am not sure that I will able to do that in November. My work schedule has a crazy 2 weeks scheduled.
  So, how was your October? Did you get to spend some time outside? Did you play in the leaves?
   Rich and I had canceled our big October vacation due to his surgery but having been through 5 days of solid rain and a soaking hurricane approaching  I booked a quick trip to Arizona for us. Have you ever used Google Flights? It made it easy to book the trip. I could see what destinations were affordable on a map.
We had a convertible for the trip, fun for vacation but I wouldn't want to drive one every day.
We flew in to Phoenix in a Thursday so I was able to stitch with the girls at the Attic while Rich had dinner with an old friend.
   Friday morning we met up with my cousin and her son for breakfast then headed down to Tucson.
So nice to visit the desert again.
I love the amazing Saguaros.
Rich and I went into town to D & D Pinball in Tucson.
It was a lot of fun.
The next day we headed to Bisbee, AZ. This area has copper and turquoise mines.
Rich and I enjoyed walking around town and going up and down the steps.
The wall murals for the steps were very cool and it was fun hunting for them throughout the town.
Our legs were sore the next day.
This is a place I would like to visit again some day.
  The next day we went and hiked Bear Canyon in Tucson.
This is part of Sabino Canyon Park.
The end of the trail was this series of waterfalls. Can you see the people in the pic?
Lots of people were at the falls. It was a great day for hiking and picnicking.
Time to hike back out.
After hiking back out we rode the tram up and back into Sabino Canyon.
I really love this park. 
So then we headed to Serial Grillers Pizza. The salad was amazing, it also had chicken, cranberries and pecans.
 Another Tucson institution is eegees.
They have great slushies. Rich loves slushies.
  Monday the 5th was our 24th anniversary.
And here is where my day started...
Rich was very happy. 
So many M-37s! Amazing.
This guy kept us company.
I think that he is smiling. What a sweetie.
Then some amazing tacos.
Then we visited Mission San Xavier del Bac. It was built in 1783 and completed in 1797.
 So pretty.
What an amazing historical church.
Rich and I both felt that this was a highlight of our trip.
Then we drove up Mt. Lemon.
Amazing views.
Getting close to sunset.
There it is. I think the day was perfect. But we still wanted to go out for dinner and picked an old school steakhouse for our anniversary meal.
Great sign.
Rich and I both like horseradish and the raw horseradish at this place was atomic.
It made us both laugh it was so strong.
It was a wonderful end to our day.
The next day we visited the Titan Missile Museum for some Cold War history.
This was very interesting. It is the only site left, all the others were destroyed after they were decommissioned.
  So,with that it was back to North Carolina. We still had a couple days left of vacation so we took a day trip up to Prestwould Plantation in Clarksville, VA.
This is one of the most intact 18th century homes in the US.
Tours are only available from April to October so we just squeezed one in. No photography was allowed inside. The house has some amazing mural wallpaper in it. I would like to visit here again too.
   Rich went back to work on the 12th. There are still some challenges but we are tying to get back to normal.
   There hasn't been much stitching this month. I was hoping to finish the LIzzie Kate Halloween Mystery sampler but that didn't happen.
I did finish this Bent Creek zipper kit, Land of Liberty. So I need to find something else for my flight time stitching.
  Myra (Gr8dame's Place blog) did some amazing finishing for me.
Fall pieces.
4th of July.
Thank you Myra! I love them and am enjoying displaying them.

Well I have more to say but this has been a long post. I am going to try to post again soon.
Thanks for traveling with me!