Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Good Morning!
  I have been back to Asheville and to Kansas the past couple of weeks.
  Asheville is always nice to visit. After work one night I went to explore the Grove Park Inn.
I am so glad that I did. I walked around and admired the view...
Since it was so lovely I dicided to stay on the property for dinner.
What a beautiful evening.
Last week it was back to Kansas. After my flight got in I stopped to have lunch at the City Market in Kansas City and was thrilled that this museum was part of the complex.
The Arabia was a steamboat that went down in the Missouri River in 1856. It was fully loaded with supplies for 6 stores up the river. Nothing was salvaged after it snagged because it sunk into the sand and mud and a day later only the smokestacks were visible. 
It was found in a cornfield in 1987.
Look at all that was on board.
I love those glass canisters.
Readymade clothes , bolts of fabric, wool, hats...
Every sort of household hardware.
Button, pins and needles.
And so much more. It is the largest collection of pre civil war items. 
If you have the chance to visit, do it!
When in Kansas you have to have BBQ. This is from Bobby D's in Emporia, KS. Yum.
I had to take a picture of this guy.
This is my current travel project. Some more Bent Creek Stitching.

So we are caught up!
I hope that you are having a great week!

I will draw names Sunday for the charts in the last post.

Have some fun this week!


Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Few Finishes, Charts to Pass On & Ohio

Hello Friends!
  It is April already. I had a couple of finishes.
Liberty by Bent Creek. I have been listening to audio books and stitching during my flights instead of reading.
If you would like me to pass in this chart to you let me know. If there is more than one person interested I will draw a name.
I also finished this little Shepherds Bush piece. I will probably finish it as a scissor fob. If you would like this chart let me know.
  So a couple of weeks ago I headed up the road to Portsmouth, OH. I was there to learn how to do the computer set up for new sites.
It involved power tools. Hmmmm... Not quite sure about this. I definitely need more practice.
  You know that I explore where I am for the week so here is my Portsmouth report.
Portsmouth is on the Ohio river. Kentucky is in the other side. On the other side of that cement flood wall is a wonderful mural that portrays Portsmouth's history.
The murals are breathtaking.
Jim Thorpe played here. Portsmouth was the boyhood home of Roy Rogers.
The first motorcycle club in the US started here.
This city once was the home of steel mills and shoe factories but now all of that industry is gone. 
I took this early one morning during my walk. I really like the colors.
  On my drive up to Portsmouth I passed this...
What an amazing old theater in Ashland, KY. And since the next day there was a show and it was only 30 minutes away from Portsmouth I made myself go to this...
I am so glad that I did.
The theater is gorgeous inside.
And the ballet was beautiful.
It is very easy just to go back to my hotel room and crash. I am always tired. I am very thankful for the chance that I have to see different places and to experience different things but it takes effort.

So that catches you up with me a little. I have been back up to Asheville and out to Kansas since Ohio, but will share that on another post.

Thanks for traveling with me!
Stitch on my Friends!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Where To Start??

Tap, Tap, Tap....Anyone out there? Forgive me for being absent, not replying to comments, peeking at your blogs and not commenting. I really hate the fact that I have not been able to balance my time to be a good blogger. I keep hoping!

Thank you everyone for your interest in re-homing these charts. I used the random number generator to pick the following recipients of the charts...

Shepherd's Bush Forget Me Not- Sally-
Bent Creek 123 Blackbird- Robin in Virginia ( miss your blog!)
Bent Creek Zippies Snowman- Frances-
   Go visit Frances blog, she is having a great giveaway!

Please send me your addresses and I will get these charts mailed off next Saturday!

So I last posted on 3/4/15....where have I been?  Warning! Photo Heavy!
 Blacksburg, VA for work...I think that this is the last snow that I will see this year.
 The Piedmont Heritage Sampler Guild  had a meeting at a member's home. We were joined by member's of the Charlotte Sampler Guild.
 Cissy shared her lovely collection of antiques with us.
 Then it was off to Pittsburgh for meetings with the implementation team. The sales team were having meetings too so there was bowling that night.
 Then there was more bowling... as a kick of to Rich's birthday celebrations I took him bowling. It is something that we never do so it was an adventure.
 See that last frame? Why can't I always do that?
Usually we go somewhere for the weekend for Rich's birthday but I was leaving town on Sunday so we stayed local.
 For his birthday we picked up a cooler that he has been talking about for a year.
For lunch Rich chose The Big Burger Spot in Greensboro. My friends had told me about this place and it was definitely yummy! After that we finally went to see American Sniper. What a powerful movie!
 On Sunday Susan and I headed up the road for the  textile conference at Colonial Williamsburg.  Our first stop was at The Black Sheep. I love this quirky place. We met up with our friend Mary Ann before heading the rest of the way to Williamsburg.
 Susan and I also stopped at The Proper Pie for a slice. Yummo! Needless to say we skipped going out for dinner.
 The series of lectures were wonderful. I love learning about samplers, the makers and the teachers. There were also lectures on clothing, quilts and coverlets. We also had the chance to see many wonderful examples from the Williamsburg's collection.
Then of course there was the chance to see and catch up with friends! 
More mayhem!
Kathy from Pennsylvania gifted me with this lovely stitched pocket and ornament. So sweet!
Hampton Inn has a sense of humor. I pointed out the mustaches on the cups to Susan and she came back with this ensemble the next morning. More fun!
So from Williamsburg it was off to...
So nice to see some cactus blooms!
So besides wonderful flowers, when you go to this area and you are a stitcher.... you go to The Attic!
Such an amazing shop!
And since it was stitch in night and you never know who you may run in to... Dani! from Black Belt Stitching was there with her friends. What a treat to meet her in person and also her stitching friends! Every Thursday The Attic has stitch in from 4 to 8. Stitching and shopping? What could be better?
One of the store's wall of models, so inspiring.
Kathy was putting the final beads on this amazing Chatelaine piece. The picture does not do this justice.
I also had a couple of wonderful meals in Phoenix. Rich and I definitely need to come back and spend more time in Arizona, and maybe see the the Grand Canyon!
 I also left Arizona with a couple more things...
 This is on my back...
And my ankle is quite puffy. The shoes are cute though!

There was some stashing and stitching but I will save that for my next post!

Happy Spring my Friends!!