Saturday, August 1, 2015

July 2015

Come back! You were over so quick!
Hello my Friends.
I hope that July brought you some time off, celebrations with friends and family, lots of sunshine, stitching and lots of summer fruits and vegetables.
Rich and I started the month by heading to Detroit for vacation. You know that I always love going there.
Rich was definitely ready to go!
We visited the Eastern Market.
Too bad I didn't have a kitchen.
There were a lot more wonderful things here. If you ever get the chance go!
Met up with friends. Tina, Cameron and I worked together in Fresno, CA six years ago during a CVS project. It was great for us all to be together again.
We took a tour with the Detroit Bus Company.
Those two look like trouble!
We saw amazing murals.
Amazing architecture.
The gorgeous riverfront.
After the bus tour we had some lunch.
Lafayette Coney, the original chili dog!
Rich approved.
Since the day was so beautiful we decided to venture north outside the city to Port Huron.
This is Michigan's oldest lighthouse. 1829.
The view from the top.
There is also a beautiful riverwalk park in Port Huron.
Amazing sculptures...
Even though my friend Tina is from Detroit she had never been to this area. It was a wonderful afternoon.
Rich and I visited the Ford Rouge plant the next day. This is where the make the new F-150 trucks, pretty amazing. This is the largest living roof top in the country.
We visited the Henry Ford museum. This passenger train car from the 1860's was beautiful and from Bangor. 
We went to a Tiger's game.
We had a great view of the skyline.
The game went 14 innings, we left after the 12th.
Rich and I toured the Ford Piquette Plant.
The birthplace of the Model T. It was amazing to see this place that changed the world.
Tina met us for dinner one night and we headed over to Corktown for dinner from The Bucharest Grill.
These sandwiches are amazing. We took ours across the street to eat..
This is where the old Tigers stadium stood. The flag pole is still there and you can see the gates to the right.
 Rich and I drove further up north one day to the tip of the thumb. Michigan is shaped like a mitten.
This is Point Aux Basque light.
Michigan sure is beautiful! I definitely need to spend more time exploring the rest of the state.
 Rich and I had a wonderful time in Detroit. It is one of my favorite cities.
  The rest of July I have spent a lot of time at home with a couple of over night business trips and a couple of longer ones.
  I did get to visit Albuquerque, NM to work on a new site set up and boy, do I need to get back here to visit with Rich.
One night after work I went and took the tram up Sandia Peak.
Amazing views! It was so beautiful.
Storms rolling through. 
Albuquerque also has the most amazing Mexican food. I think I will judge everything else by Sandie's.
We ventured to Old  Town one night for dinner.
I drove up to Santa Fe after work my last night and walked around a little.
I definitely need to move New Mexico up on my "where to vacation" list.
  Rich and I had dinner with a couple of different truck friends...
5 ton! Hard to climb up into this one!
And friends with an M-37.
Good times!
I have been getting some stitching done too.
I finished Betsy's House by Plum Street Samplers.
I have made some progress on Margaret Randolph. I am trying to focus on getting her finished.
I also started the Lizzie Kate Very Scary Mystery which had been in my stash forever. It is fun to stitch with these colors.
I also added to my stash. I am definitely in a fall stitching mood!
  Please send good thoughts Rich's way. He will be having surgery on August 18th. 
  So now I think that you are caught up. 
Thanks for hanging in there with me. Your   comments and friendship mean so much.

Stitch on!


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Stitchers & Stitching

Hello July & Friends!
   How can it be July? Time is flying by. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Canada Day or 4th of July or you are just enjoying your summer.
I finished Betsy's House last night. I really enjoyed stitching this, I think it is the colors. The design is by Plum Street Samplers and I used the recommended fabric and threads.
I jumped right in and started the LK Halloween mystery after that. This has been sitting in my stash calling to me for the last year or too. I stitched this while watching the Women's Soccer World Cup game! ������������wow!
I stitched the fob from my Colonial Gathering club piece. This has been in my travel bag.
There has been a little progress on Margaret Randolph too. I need to focus on her and get her done! I love the greens and that bright blue.
  So there is the stitching... Now for the Stitchers.
 I had the chance to work in Connecticutt    3 weeks ago. I used to live there so I was 
very excited to catch up with friends & family.
   I had the wonderful chance to meet up with Krista from Just Stitching Along. 
We met up in Waterbury and talked stitching, CT, moves, the Rolling Stones and lots of other things. I have followed Krista's blog for years. She is also one of the moderators for the Scarlet Letter Stitch-A-Long. So glad to meet you in person  Krista!
   I really started stitching seriously when I lived in Connecticut. I was fortunate to meet a group of Stitchers that would get together once a month. One of the core group had moved to Colorado and is in the process of moving back to CT and she made it back in time to meet up for dinner! I can't believe this worked out. I haven't seen these friends in 15 years!
Here we are! Sandy in the left explained to me what stitching "over two" was and introduced me to samplers and convinced me to go to Sampler Gathering the first time. Kathy who is next to me gave me last minute French knot instruction and fueled lots of stitching with broccoli cheese ritz casserole. Jan on the end also introduced me to samplers(she loves strawberry borders) and taught me how to do colonial knots(which I always use because I still have never mastered French knots!).
   We had so much to catch up on. One evening was not enough. Hopefully I will get back to CT in a couple of months for another get together. I love these girls!
  While in CT I also saw Rich's brother and his family. The nephews are now 22 and 21... Wow!
   I also had a chance to have my favorite pizza. I judge all other pizzas by this one.
Henry's in East Windsor, CT. It has been family operated since the 50's. The same people are making the pizza and the waitresses have been there for 30 years.
I ran into the mall in Meriden to pick something up at Best Buy and saw this picture of the mall from back in the 90's. I worked for Lechter's Housewares for 10 years and spent lots of time at this any of you remember this chain? I loved that job! Retail back then was very different than it is now.
I am going to leave you with this view of Hartford.
Thanks for traveling with me!
Stitch On!