Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Rest Of The Weekend

On Sunday morning I got up early to head down the road to Denton Farm Park to have breakfast with Rich.
  It was the weekend of the annual Military truck rally. 
This is the mobile kitchen.
It was kind of neat. My coworker came down with her 8 year old son to have breakfast and to ride around in Rich's M37. Fun!
   Rich got home by noon and since we had a big breakfast we went out for an hour long hike. 

The hike seemed hard and I put it down to not being acclimated to hot weather yet. 
When we got in the car the temperature said 85. It seemed like the ground had really warmed up and retained heat and you could feel it radiating up at you as you hiked up the hill. 
   There will be no getting used to the warm weather yet, it is supposed to be below freezing tonight. I hope that we don't get a hard freeze that will damage all the trees and plants.
Here is my progress on Nancy Jhonson. I didn't get much stitching done over the weekend. I spent a good chunk of Sunday afternoon doing my cooking for the week.
  Wishing you all a good week! Thanks for the kind comments and stopping by.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Piedmont Heritage Sampler Guild Road Trip

Hello Friends!
   I hope that you are enjoying some wonderful spring weather. It has been a gorgeous weekend here in North Carolina. 
   Yesterday day the weather was perfect for the sampler guild's annual road trip. This year we headed to Mordecai Park in Raliegh, NC.
This is the Mordecai house that is the centerpiece of the park. It is the oldest house in Raliegh on it's original foundation. The oldest part of the house dates from 1785 and was part of a 5,000 acre plantation.
   During the tour we got to see some samplers and other textiles. The Mordecai family also had a girls school in Warrenton, NC. And the samplers that we saw were probably stitched there.
The Nancy Jhonson sampler that I have been stitching is from the collection here at the Mordecai house. We actually got to pass this sweet sampler around. It makes my connection with the sampler that I am stitching even more special. I am looking forward to adding her to my group of Carolina samplers that I have stitched.
At the park the also have other structures that have been moved to the park for preservation. This is Andrew Johnson's( the 17th US president)birthplace.  It is so nice to have a group picture of the guild.
  After the park tour we hopped on the trolley for a tour of downtown Raliegh.
All aboard!
I love this type of tour. I think that it really gives you a great overview of the city.
So then after the tour it was time for lunch. What a nice day to sit outside to eat. I had the beet, lettuce and tomato sandwich with creme fraiche. It was very yum! 
Then we headed over to Ornamentea for some retail therapy. What a neat store.
If I lived nearby I would definitely take some of the fabulous jewelry making classes that they offer.
Here is a peek inside the shop.
 What a great day to discover and learn about Raliegh. I need to spend some more time here.
  Thanks for traveling along on the road trip with me!

I am heading out to get my weekend errands done!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Murphy's Law

 I think that one of Murphy's laws is that the minute you pick up your keys to leave the house it starts to rain harder. At least that is how this Monday has started. The other tech has called out and we have no internet at work so everything is at a complete standstill. May I have a Do Over?
  I hope that your week is starting off better than mine. How was your weekend? Saturday was a beautiful day. Rich went down to Charlotte for the Auto Fair and I ran errands, packed up some books and did some cooking.
  Sunday was not as pretty as the front was coming in. Binx was cold.
See the lump in the bed next to Beau?

 Rich and I took a short hike. There were some signs of spring...
This rain is really going to make the leaves pop. It always amazes me how the world looks different every day this time of year.
   I got a little more stitching done on Nancy.
There is some over one... I was hoping to get more done. Hopefully I can put a few more stitches in tonight.
  Here's hoping that the rest of the week is good!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

They Are Back.....

Who is back you ask? 
The Minions are back. Rich found some stickers somewhere. This was at the bottom of the container of my vitamins that I take with lunch.
This was stuck on the container of Excedrin Migraine that I have in my purse. I have felt like the purple guy this week since I have been having bad allergy headaches/migraines.
   Rich is a funny guy!
I have made a little progress on Nancy.
 It has been in the mid 80's here the last 2 days... Crazy weather!
  Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you are having a great week!


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Another TUSAL In March

Here is my TUSAL for today.
See all of the orange floss from Beggar's Night? I need to get back to stitching that  so I can return the chart to Myra.
  Miss Nancy has been keeping me occupied this weekend.
I have made a little progress on her.
 It was very windy here today. The power went out for an hour or 2 this afternoon. The upcoming week is going to be warmer. I am looking forward to some milder temps. I hope to get some stitching done this week too.
  Have a restful Sunday evening! Thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, March 29, 2014


Wow, we made it to Saturday. Every Thursday seems like it should be Friday to me. I hate that feeling. It could be that it was a little slow at work this week. Does anyone else feel that way?
  I tried stitching on Beggar's Night one night this week but I ended up ripping everything out. I have had some bad headaches, I think it is allergies. I shouldn't try to stitch when I have a headache.
  I worked a little extra everyday this week so that I could leave work early and go to visit Miranda on Friday afternoon.
I missed seeing her at Nashville. It was great to catch up with her.
And to catch up with Scout too. It seemed like he was posing for this picture. Miranda and I went to lunch a caught up on all the family news and stitching news. I also got to see Morris and Sophie. I haven't seen them since we went to the zoo and Sophie was 3 and Morris was maybe a year and 1/2 old. Now they are 14 & 12!
   It was a wonderful afternoon. Thanks Miranda!
   I started this little marking sampler last night. Her name is Nancy Jhonson by Threads Of Gold.
I am stitching her on 30ct "linen" linen from Weeks Dye Works with the charted DMC colors. Nancy is an NC girl. Sorry for the poor photo. It is a gloomy rainy day. It would be perfect to stay home and stitch. I am off to my Saturday job, it is only 9 to 3 and then I hope to go home and stitch. Maybe I will try to go grocery shopping first. I hope that your Saturday will be more exciting than mine.