Monday, September 8, 2014

You Know That You Have Been Traveling A Lot When....

you are driving on 40 on your way to Asheville, NC and you see a guy sitting on a guardrail hitch hiking and you realize that you saw the same guy walking down the side of the road 5 weeks ago in Centerville, FL. True story!!

So I have been in NC for the last 4 weeks training new employees and 2 weeks in Asheville opening a new store.
Asheville is a beautiful city in the Blue Ridge Moutains. I was lucky to have the chance to go out to the farm of one of my coworkers. This is a picture from her farm. What a gorgeous place!
I had the golf cart tour. That is her house and barn.
She has some beautiful gypsy horses.
Happy farm cats.
Happy dogs. What a great way to put the stress of the work day behind you.
Sweet horses.
 Asheville has a wonderful food scene too.
I had a amazing vegan meal at Plant.
An amazing breakfast at..
Some of the best Mexican I have ever had at Papa's & Beer.
The second week that I was there one of my stitching friends came up from Greenville, SC and we ate at Seven Sows.
They are supposed to have one of the 10 best fried chicken entrees in the US. It was an amazing meal. So glad that I could share it with a friend. I continue to try and catch up with friends during my travels.
  Well, it is time to get on my plane.

Happy Monday!


Sunday, September 7, 2014

12 Days In A Carry-on

Knock, knock!
  Who's there? Anyone? 
   I saw this after arriving back in NC one trip.
I have not been able to find a balance with my traveling and stitching. I carry it with me everywhere but I don't take it out.
  So since we last spoke I have been to the following places....
I was in Florida for 2 days and I made sure that I stuck my feet in the water.
Then headed up to Beantown. I met my friend Susan for the weekend and some blood work for a diabetes study.
We stayed down by the navy yard.
So that meant a ferry ride back and forth to Long Wharf.
We spent a day at the MFA where we saw the Magna Carta, the quilt exhibit and many more wonderful things.
The next day it was off to Salem via the ferry in the rain.
What a great way to travel!
We stopped in the gift shop at the House of Seven Gables.
I love visiting Salem.
Back in Boston on our way to Newberry St. we stopped in the Church of the Covenant to see the amazing Tiffany lantern and windows.
 Of course we had some amazing meals in Boston.
Fabulous Italian for lunch in the North End.
  Susan headed back to NC and I went on to Warwick, RI. I met a friend that I haven't seen in 20 years for dinner in Providence.
Then and now!
Ray and I worked together at Lechters Housewares.
  My last night in RI I went over to Newport.
What a beautiful evening. I sat outdoors and had chowder and a lobster roll.
Then back to Logan. I love the parking level names at the garage.
I am enjoying taking photos from inside the airplane. Southwest, I am an advertisement for you! Lol.
If you know what this is, you know what my next stop was. Five-way chili at Skyline in Cincinatti.
I have no words for this, but I had to stop and take a picture.
And of course you have to have Graeter's ice cream when you are in Cincinatti. Yum!
    So this is where I ended up a month ago. I have been driving my own car for the last 4 weeks! Yea!
  I will have to do another post to catch you up on the last month.
   The job is keeping me busy. I am really tired on the weekends. I try to see something each place I visit.
   I need to work on the stitching. I have Xmas gifts to make. 
   I miss my blog friends and haven't visited with you very much. I hope that I can learn to balance everything.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stories From The Road

Fabulous theater in Hutchinson, KS.
The urns outside the Frank Lloyd Wright house in Wichita. Unfortunately there were no tours available when I was there.
Here is another view.
Beautiful place to enjoy my lunch at the clinic in Newton, KS.
I visited the detention center in Newton, KS. I needed to be fingerprinted to register with the Kansas Board of Pharmacy.
Another view of the train station in Newton.
Me! Headed off to work.
Meanwhile back in North Carolina...
Beautiful gardens in Pittsboro.
An amazing meal in Pittsboro, NC trout...

Unfortunately there has not been any stitching. I am reading more. That is a bonus. I usually read on the plane.
There has been lots going on at home. Company for over a week and our AC being replaced. Rich has had his hands full. Hopefully things will start to even out soon.

I miss you all and hope to catch up with everyone soon. Thanks to all who have emailed me to check in! You guys are the best.

Stitch some for me!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Salt Mines

Hello Friends,
   After a week of doing inventory I feel like I have been sent to the salt mines.
But on Sunday I went to the actual salt mine. 
Going down...
Ooh it is all sparkly!
The tours were very interesting. There is enough salt down here for the next 2500 years.
Now there are huge storage areas down here for films and TV series and documents.
Props from movies...
And costumes too.
There was a ride around part of the mine.
Can you see the ceiling sag in the back right hand side? The salt layer is detaching from the ceiling.
It was a great tour,if you ever make it to Kansas go see this. I only wish that Rich was here to share the experience with me.

Are you ready for the 4th?
I am ready to be home.