Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chart Wrangling

Iced in today. After the snow yesterday the freezing rain started and made it unsafe to go anywhere today. So, I have been chart wrangling. The chart for M A Tipper is 2 huge sheets. Today I was stitching the alphabet that is right on the middle fold. ARRGH! I am trying not to mutilate the chart but I don't know how successful that I will be. The other problem with the chart is that the parts of this one sheet are 6 different parts that were printed on the one large sheet and where those individual sheets meet doesn't line up perfectly. Am I being picky? This is one of the things that might make me put something that I am stitching aside. Does that every happen to you?
The good news is is that I am 25% done. Only 75% left to stitch. Lex has been helping me out too. She is very gimpy right now and I don't want to disturb her so I am staying in the stitching chair.

The cold is still lingering. What can you do?

I have enjoyed every one's TUSAL posts. I have not joined the fun. I wouldn't know what to put them in!?! I have a collection of pressed glass biscuit and apothecary jars so I would just have to pick one. I just
not been organized enough to join. Also if I keep with M A all you will see is red. Oops all I see is dust, better put that on my to do list.

I hope that everyone has a great evening.
Stay warm.
Be safe.



Jules said...

I hate when that happens! I have found that making photocopies helps me somewhat on larger charts like yours. This way you can copy the area you need to work on and match them up accordingly.

Cute kitty!!!

Faye said...

I have had to cut up the charts before, match the lines and tape them together...not the best choice but it seemed like my only option.. The really old patterns did not have that "overlap" feature that the designs will have today...Hang in there with it though..It will be worth all your wrangling.!!

btw, where does Chris work in West End....I meant to email you earlier..

Take care! Faye

Myra said...

Wrangling is right - that is one huge chart. I have never stitched anything that large so I am no help.

robindefender said...

Ugh. I hate dealing with the folds of charts. Even my tiny little "North Wind" is annoying me, so I don't envy you your giant, mismatched chart! ON larger charts, I have tried using scotch tape in the folds to keep me from wearing away the symbols that fall in the fold. Maybe that would help a little? But it makes it a little harder to fold the chart, so there's a tradeoff.

Happy stitching, Chris! I've got one more day stuck in the house myself.

Carol said...

Things have shut down around here, too, due to the weather, Chris. Hope you can get out again soon.

Your collection of glassware is so pretty and congratulations on being 25% done--it is looking great so far :)

Mary said...

I have made copies, cut and taped together to line up, also. Once, with a really large chart, to keep from folding and refolding, I actually rolled it as I worked. Use paper clips or binder clips in the tube part to hold. When it's that big nothing is easy!!

Beedeebabee said...

Goodness, that's some big chart! What a challenge. Hope you're feeling better reeeally soon! :D Paulette

Robin said...

When I work with large charts, I photocopy the chart into workable sections. I hate wrangling large charts! Stick with it, this will be an impressive beauty when completed! Love watching your progress in this one!