Sunday, January 9, 2011


It's hard to tell if there has been progress. This piece is so big that I really need to look at earlier photos to tell that I have made progress. I am determined.

I have managed to stitch every day so far, some days it has just been on an ornament during my lunch break at work.

I have been doing ok with the diet coke. I have had that bad head cold going around so I really haven't missed it.

The tree is finally down and put away for another year. Now I need to focus on some organization, stash organization.

We could get a decent winter weather event tomorrow. Everyone be safe where ever you may be.

Thanks everyone for your support on the diet coke and the progress on this sampler. Every comment is welcome and appreciated.




robindefender said...

How's the no-Coke campaign going?

I'm a little worried about this weather event tonight/tomorrow. Did you see that Robeson Co is the only one in the REALLY BAD category (warning/watch I get them mixed up). Good thing I've got all these cats to keep me warm if the power fails!

Stay warm, stay safe.

Catherine said...

Wow! That piece will be amazing when finished! That's a lot of stitches.

My resolution this year was to stitch everyday - even if it just a couple of stitches - so far so good!

Faye said...

WTG Chris on the no diet coke challenge!! Thats a biggie in my book!

I know what you mean about progress on those larger pieces....ALL of my 2011 Challenge pieces are on the large side so seeing completion or progress is a little hard...but just keep plugging at it and soon you will be near the end....Good job!!!

Take care, Faye

Robin said...

Lovely project! Looks like you are coming right along on the sampler. I know with the larger pieces it seems like progess is slow and that you'll never finish. I've been known to count the individual letters and calculate the percentage of completeness to give myself a feeling of accomplishment.

Siobhan said...

Your Jane is beautiful! You have made a LOT of progress! I have been working on mine for a few years now (gulp) and am way behind you. I need to get mine out and work on it daily, at least a thread per day, because I *do* want it finished this year.

Good luck on the Diet Coke quest. My older daughter's drink of choice is a Diet Coke, even when out at a pub with friends. She's manic about it.

Ranae said...

Youe WIP is coming along great, love the color

Rowyn said...

Loving your sampler! It's stunning.

Mary said...

Hi Chris! Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. I have been looking at some of your posts, and you do gorgeous work. I love the sampler you are currently working on, and anxiously await more pics of the progress!

Good luck with the "no diet coke" challenge. It can be a real challenge...I've been there but you can do it!