Monday, August 9, 2010

Quiet Weekend...except for the sound of a chain saw

I very big tree came down on Thursday in our yard. It had been splitting for awhile, there were strange crashes from the woods. I thought it was deer or somthing, but when the power went out after a large crack, then I knew. The tree disentangled itself from the power lines but the way the trunk split it it was about 7 or 8 ft. up in the air. Rich spent most of Friday afternoon trying to get the trunk on the ground. A very dangerous thing as if it didn't fall right someone could get hurt. Rich managed it and spent Saturday afternoon getting all the branches off and moved to a big burn pile in the back. There is still a ton to do, the trunk needs to be dealt with and there some other trees that were damaged and need to be taken care of. Most of our property is very wooded so this kind of thing happens.

Saturday while Rich was outside working I made a couple of loaves of  banana bread. We  always have bananas in the house and this time of year the ripen so fast so instead of just adding them to the compost pile I have a very easy banana bread recipe. I think because I made 2 loaves, and  I usually mix 1 at a time I ended up with batter in my hair, Yuck! My work area stayed pretty clean but I had 2 big globs in my hair?!?

Rich made pesto tomato pizza for dinner on Sunday. The pesto I made. I freeze it in ice cube trays so I can take out as little or much as I need. I have to pick up some pine nuts so I can make some more soon.

There was some stitching progress over the weekend and I will update that later.


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