Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chick Lit

I have been doing a lot of reading while I have been home this summer. Not anything too tough. A friend gave me a stack of Emily Griffin books to read, and I read the latest Jodi Picoult. This is one of my favorite chick lit authors, Katie Fforde. The books are set in England, the characters are not overly successful and glamorous. It's kind of like mac & cheese, just comfortable. I am looking forward to reading the new John Connolly book the Whisperers. This is my favorite mystery series right now. I want to savor this one, it is more like a pint of Ben & Jerry's flourless chocolate cake(new flavor available at Walmart). I also have Seaworthy by Linda Greenlaw to listen to on the next road trip Rich and I take. She became famous as one of the swordboat captains from the Gloucester fleet and The Perfect Storm(another of my favorite books, could not put it down). She reads all the audio presentations and is now on TV again in Swords( the new season is getting ready to start.

Well, enough about my reading list. I am obviously hungry, I am going to go get some breakfast!
Have a great day.


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werzjk said...

Hi Chris!! Good book/author suggestions!!
Hope you are feeling better and better! I leave for my mom's on Sat morn and will be back on wed. I'm excited! Faye said "I am really going to go crazy if Chris doesn't come back real soon(I laughed)--you think I'm kidding,but I'm not--I am going to go literally crazy!!!" It was so funny!! My friend Laurie and Faye and I went to 1st Friday in downtown last week and it was fun--going into shops/crafts and we ate at fincastles. Maybe you can go with us next month!! Take care----Kathy