Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Approaching the finish line

I have had my checkup and am cleared to go back to work next Wednesday. I am looking forward to resuming my life. I have turned in the hours that I want to work at CVS along with going back to my Monday to Friday job at the county so things will be full steam ahead next week.

 I would like to finish Isabelle Johnstone before I go back to work.. I have to finish the leaves on the border, one more spray in the lower left hand corner and filling the beige of the cow in. I think it is an achievable goal.

Then I will have to start thinking about what is next. One of my stitching goals for the year was to finish M.A.Tipper. She is a big Bristol sampler from the Scarlet Letter that I started quite a few years ago. I will probably work on her and then stop in October when I start working on ornament finishing. Last year I did finishing in October and November and it worked out really well for me.

I have really enjoyed reading and have been inspired by many of the stitching blogs out there. I think that when I look at my stitching goals for 2011 I may include doing a patriotic group or a group of birds, or Halloween ornies. I need to spend some time looking through my stash to decide. I also would like to stitch a Charleston sampler, I have a couple in the stash. I have a few months to think about it.

Well, off to stitch a little before dinner.


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Deborah said...

Isabelle Johnstone is coming along beautifully.