Friday, April 24, 2015

Chart Winners & Nebraska

   Happy Friday! Thank you for all the interest in the charts that I have to pass along. I used the Random number generator and the winners are as follows..
Annette from California wins the Good Luck chart from SB.
Beth from Garden Grumbles wins the Liberty chart from Bent Creek.
Please send me your snail mail addresses so that I can mail these off.
  Last week I was in Omaha & Lincoln, NE. I have never been to Nebraska before and was very excited to visit.
These beautiful spring planters were at the airport.
This is the Bob Kerry Peddestrian Bridge that spans the Missouri River.
In the middle of the span is the line between Nebraska and Iowa. 
2 states at once! Ha!
I did walk all the way to the other side so that I could say that I did visit Iowa. 
   The next morning I got up early and walked around the lake at the Chalco Hills Recreation area.
Pretty morning colors.
Just me and the deer.
And a heron.
It is 6+ miles around the lake. What a gorgeous park.
  After the walk I had to work. I really wish that I had more time to explore Lincoln. The Haymarket area had a lot of cool restaurants.
I did run in here and picked up some treats for Rich and my Mom.
It was a quick trip to Nebraska. I would like to visit again. It is not an easy place to get to. My travel home on Saturday was long and I had to fly through Orlando.  I really don't like my job on days like that. I was too aggravated and tired to stitch. I also missed having some fun on Friday with Rich. He had a truck rally in town and they convoyed to dinner Friday night. Rich lead the convoy behind the police escort.
 This is my current travel piece. I am enjoying working my way through my Bent Creek kits.
  Rich and I are making vacation plans for the fall. It looks like we will visit Austin and San Antonio. Ant advice on what to see or do is welcome!
   Where will you be traveling this year? I hope to travel with many of you via your blogs.

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Meari said...

What a neat armchair tour. Your current travel WIP look adorable. I've never been to TX so I can't help you with things to see or do. This summer I'm going to Virginia and staying with a stitchy "Mom" near Williamsburg.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

It's always fun to visit states you've never visited before. I always enjoy "traveling" with you. Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Seems like you had to travel pretty far south to get where you were going. LOL But, you were in MY area ---- I think our airport is pretty nice considering some of the others I've been through.

Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the powerwagon rally!

Vickie said...

What a neat bridge! I love the current WIP. So sweet.

Robin said...

Very cool that you were standing in two states at once! The bridge and the park looked like great places to take walks. Your current WIP looks super; glad you are making your way through your Bent Creek kits.

Robin in Virginia

marly said...

What a bridge! Still amazes me how much you do after a tiring day of work and travel.

Terri said...

I've never been to Austin, so I can't recommend anything there. I've been to San Antonio and a must see is the Alamo and the River Walk. I was only there a couple days quite a few years ago when my son graduated from Air Force boot camp at Lackland AF Base.

I really enjoy your posts about your travels!

Beth said...

Oregon plays Nebraska in 2016 and my Mom is planning her trip. You always do a super job checking out the interesting places when you travel. Very excited re the Bent Creek chart. I will send address in an email. Many thanks!

Alice said...

I live in Lincoln and have never seen the bridge. Will have to check it out. Have been to Chalco for soccer games. Licorice International is one of my favorite places!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I enjoyed tagging along as always Chris. I like your new stitch, is that Permin Lambswool you're using. It looks good with those colours. Enjoy your weekend.

Margaret said...

What fun to see Nebraska! I always enjoy my armchair travel with you. I won't say about my travel this year. We shall see. :D

Marilyn said...

Congrats to Annette and Beth!
Thanks for sharing your adventures again.
I would have to go into the Licorice International store. :)

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Chris! I always enjoy traveling around with you through your lovely photos. We never go far. Neither one of us likes to fly, so that doesn't help. That's a pretty little piece you're working on! xo

Brigitte said...

Nebraska is the first state in the US that I ever visited because frineds of ours were living there. We got to know a lot of places there and I loved it.
The walk around that lake must have been great right now when nature is awakening for spring.

diamondc said...

Beautiful pictures, I love Nebraska, I even visited the corn palace very interesting.
Lucky Rich I bet he loved the escort.
Love your project.


Julie said...

Love the pic of you with one foot in each state.

Julie said...

Love the pic of you with one foot in each state.

Cindy's Stitching said...

Really nice pictures Chris. You are definately traveling to many places. I am sure it is hard at times, but try to take it all in.

Melody said...

It's fun sharing your trips with you. I always see something cool. The bridge is really neat. We haven't decided yet where we are going this year.