Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Little Progress On Margaret Randolph & That Means.....

That I am on the road!! Woohoo!

Good Morning Friends!
I hope that you are done your Holiday shopping at this time and are home enjoying the season with friends or family, maybe home baking or stitching.
I ended up with some time off to use up before the end I the year and Rich is off on Fridays so now I have a nice holiday break.
Let me start by showing you Margaret.

I love this girl. I am so glad to spend a little time with her.
Rich and I got up yesterday morning and headed up the road to Richmond. We had a lovely drive up back roads through Virginia. Or destination was Virginia House in Richmond. We have been trying to get back here for a tour since we saw this place last November.

This is the view from the front.

And the back of the house.

Look at the amazing staircase.

The dining room. This house contains parts if 4 different homes that were brought over from England. It is pretty amazing to see this age structure in the US.

After that it was off to find lunch. This is called the Proper Pie. This shop has savory pies and sweet pies and is owned by a man from New Zealand.

The top case has all the savory pies in it.

Here are some of the sweet selections.

Here is out order.

The savory pies came in these wrappers. I had salmon and leek and Rich had Beef and veggies. See the fish on my choice?

For dessert Rich had a mince tart and I chose Banoffee pie. Yum!
If you get to Richmond stop for lunch.
Then we headed over to the Virginia Museum of Fine Art to see the Hollywood Costume exhibit.

It was wonderful to see so many amazing costumes from favorite movies. The Wizard of Oz, Some Like It Hot, Indiana Jones, the Birds, Pirates of The Carribean.....
I think that I was surprised at the Elizabethan area movies and how the costumes that were used to great effect in the movies were in some ways plain compared to what the actual clothing that was worn at that time looked like. When you think of the work on the Plymouth jacket. Of course the cost would be way too much to produce costumes like that.
As always thanks for traveling with me.
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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Natasha said...

Margaret is looking great, I love those colors on her.

What an amazig looking house, could you imagine all the stitching rooms you could have??

Have a lovely time off Merry Christmas!

Krista said...

Looks like lots of fun. Your Margaret is looking quite pretty. Enjoy the weekend.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I always enjoy your travels Chris, seeing the house instantly made me think of the old estates over here.

Andrea said...

Beautiful progress on your WIPs. Enjoy your travels.

Have a very Happy Christmas.

Julie said...

What a lovely place to visit, the pies looks delicious too.

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Margaret looks absolutely wonderful! Enjoy your vacation!

Robin said...

Margaret is looking good! Your trip to Richmond sounded super.

Robin in Virginia

Angela K said...

Nice stitching and what a fun trip. Those delicacies look soo yummii:)

Annette-California said...

Margaret is looking so gorgeous. I loved your photos of Virgina house. WOW! And those pies....YUM!! You lucky gal.
Merry Christmas, love Annette

Margaret said...

Love your Margaret. And OMG. I want to go where you went just for those meat pies. OMG.....

Vickie said...

Oh that staircase! Fabulous.
I think I would have just eaten the sweet pies for lunch. ;)

Rachel said...

I love these pics, thanks for sharing! Virginia House is beautiful!

Your stitching is lovely!

Susan said...

30 minutes from my home and I've never been to any of those places - they're on the list now!! Margaret looks great.

Myra said...

How fun! You always find the neatest places.

Barb said...

Margaret is such a pretty stitch! Looks like a wonderful day, a beautiful old house and a great lunch!!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Margaret is looking really beautiful, Chris! Glad you and Rich had fun in Richmond! Merry Christmas to you both!

Sally said...

Sounds like you had an amazing trip Chris.

Margaret is looking wonderful.

Merry Christmas!

butterfly said...

Why do I always feel so hungrey when I read your post Chris, ha.
Love your stitching enjoy your week, and a Merry Christmas to you.

Catherine said...

Fun times! I'll have to mark these places ~ could be a great weekend trip for us! I really love the piece you are stitching on ~ so pretty!