Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hello Friends!
Are you ready for another week? That first one back from vacation is always a tough one. Rich and I keep saying "a week ago we were..."
On the work front things continue to be busy. I have some more help. It has been getting busier so that is good. I just need to get to a more normal schedule.
I received a sweet card in the mail from Myra.

She included these sweet candy corn coasters. One for me and one for Rich. I love them.

Speaking of black cats....
Here is Binx. He loves when we go grocery shopping. We come home with these boxes and he loves getting into them ASAP. Usually he has hopped in them before we are done unpacking.

He is spending some time with me tonight too. Please excuse my miss matched fleece lounge wear.
Rich and I got in a short hike after I worked on Saturday and a short one in today. It was a gorgeous clear fall day here today. After the hike and grocery shopping, Rich worked out in the yard and I spent the afternoon cooking. Banana bread, butternut squash, chicken and this dish. I had cooked a spaghetti squash before I left on vacation and froze it. It wasn't looking that appetizing to me so I found this recipe for cheesy spaghetti squash. This is what it looked like before going into the oven. It came out yummy. I will have some for lunch a few days this upcoming week. Look for the recipe on the Skinny Taste Blog.

I have stitched a tiny bit this week but I do not have a picture to show. I will give you a stitching update soon.
Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your visiting and comments.

To bed!

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Margaret said...

lol! Mia is in my lap and I'm in a similar position to you. lol! Binx and Mia, what a pair! She loves boxes too! Lovely surprise from Myra. Your dish looks delicious as well! Hope work isn't too overwhelming after such a great vacation.

Myra said...

That Binx is as silly as my crew. :o) I just don't understand their fascination with boxes. Glad you like the little coasters. MMMMM, that cheesy dish looks good.

Anonymous said...

Cats find the oddest places to find to hang out in. Our one cat Kineo loves to sleep in the empty clothes basket. Binx is so cute!

What a lovely gift from Myra. That dish looks delicious. Have a good week at work and I hope it goes by quickly.


Barb said...

Binx is adorable! Such a sweet gift from Myra. Have a good first week back to work!

Beth said...

Welcome back home. Love the coasters and Binx!

Jan Gartlan said...

I did the return from holiday too but last week. It's hard to get in the groove again. Gorgeous cat. Lovely pressie. I love the coasters.

butterfly said...

Lovely gift from Myra, what a sweet thought.
My old cat Candy would love a box , hugs.

Krista said...

Binx is so sweet and looks quite comfy! That dish looks awesome, I will have to give it a try. I keep seeing spaghetti squash recipes everywhere I look! Have a great week!

P.J. said...

Clever little coasters. Binx in a box!! He is adorable. Thanks for sharing that casserole; I skipped right over to Skinny Tast to share the link with my daughter who just asked a few days ago what she could do with spaghetti squash. Looks yummy! Thanks.

Julie said...

Fun coasters from Myra, lovely.
Bink is so cute, I think all cats love a cardboard box to play in.

diamondc said...

Chris: I hope your vacation was the best ever, it has been raining off and on with snow for the last three days no walks outside its to wet.
Blondie says hi to Binx, she too loves boxes and paper bags it is hard to get them away from her when it is time for clean-up.
Happy Stitching

Vickie said...

Ahh, sweet Binx!
Sweet,little coaster gifts from Myra too. Hang in there with work.

Shirlee said...

Binx is such a sweetie! I just love how cats get such a thrill out of an empty box. Sophie does the same thing : ) Thoughtful gifts from Myra! Have a great week!

Carol said...

Not sure which is sweeter the coasters or Binx!! Myra is such a sweetie--I found one of the candy corn surprises waiting in my mailbox, too!

Simply Victoria said...

Your spaghetti squash looks yummy.
Reentry is always a bit bumpy.
Hope you have a good week.

Karoline said...

It sounded like a great trip.

Lovely gift from Myra

Dani - tkdchick said...

makes me want to go home and snuggle with Hunter!

Catherine said...

Binx is so cute!!