Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One Last Arizona Hike

Good Morning!
Thanks for all your kind comments about my recent travels.
On our last day in AZ Rich and I decided to head to another AZ state park. Maybe we should have explored Phoenix or Scottsdale but after driving back and forth across the area the day before I wasn't really looking forward to that. You know that I love city vacations where I can park the car and walk to everything. I just wasn't feeling like Phoenix had enough going on in one area to give me that feeling. I will just have to come back another time.

Our day started out with a late breakfast at Ted's hotdogs. We opted for the local "all-the-way" version. Very different than what you have in NC, but very yummy.

Then it was off to Lost Dutchman State Park. Gorgeous!

The park ranger said that it was really long and difficult to the top so we opted for another loop trail around the base which the ranger said would take 2.5 hours. It was a beautiful hike but we were done in a little over an hour... I guess that we should have tried for the top!

Neat rock formations.

Ta Da!
This was one of my favorite hikes. Just gorgeous. We went through areas with lots of Saguaro cactus.

We also stopped at Goldfield. This area is still being mine for gold. We took the short train ride around the town. The conductor did a great job at going over the history of the area.

So it was a wonderful last day in AZ. We definitely have to visit again. I still need to see the Grand Canyon!

Thanks for traveling with me!
Have a great week!

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Southpaw Stitcher said...

I've been to AZ several times and have not visited nearly as many places as you have this trip! Tagging along with you was wonderful. And, yes, you will definitely have to return to visit the Grand Canyon!

Julie said...

You've visited some amazing places on your trip.

butterfly said...

Wow looks great there.

Vickie said...

Well Chris, I can honestly say I have NEVER had hot dogs for breakfast!!
How could the park ranger have been that far off the time?!

Krista said...

Looks like another great spot! That is my kinda hot dog with the works! :) Have a great week!

cucki said...

So much fun :) I love watching your lovely photos..
Love x

Cindy's Stitching said...

very pretty pictures. Glad you are enjoying yourself.

Margaret said...

It looks wonderful! I will say this about the Grand Canyon. It really is spectacular. But you need to see the other parks too, not just Grand Canyon. Bryce is gorgeous, for example, and Zion. They somehow feel more of an experience to me. I suppose it might be because we never made the effort to go hiking down into the canyon. But you can only hike so far there, whereas the other parks have more variety of trails and areas to see. At least this is what I remember and think. :D Been to that area many times in my earlier life. Never took the kids though, sadly.

Myra said...

I have really enjoyed going on vacation with you. :o)

Barb said...

I have enjoyed all your Arizona pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Simply Victoria said...

What a great trip! Glad you were able to get away and have some good site seeing.

Nancy in WI said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. I have been to Goldfield and love it! If I was young and getting married again I would get married in that old church. The day we were there was about 7 years ago in July and about 110 degrees...not too pleasant.

Shelly said...

It's too bad you couldn't fit in another day. The state opened the Grand Canyon half way to tourists for 7 days since last Saturday. But you can always come back! Lol. Enjoyed your pictures!

Carol said...

So sorry you didn't end up seeing the Grand Canyon, Chris, but it's a good excuse to go back to that lovely part of the U.S. Like Margaret, I heartily recommend Bryce Canyon and Zion. We hiked through them back in 2000 and it was one of the best family trips we've ever had :)

Catherine said...

Despite not being able to see the Canyon, you saw some amazing places and shared such beautiful photos!

Beedeebabee said...

I always love reading about your travels, and seeing all your great pics too! You two certainly know how to have a good time, that's for sure! xo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your trip to Arizona with us!

Looks like you both had a great time.

How cool you got to see Attic Needlework. You were mentioned in the Attic's Newsletter put out yesterday!