Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lots Of Errands

Hello Friends,
Happy Saturday! So glad I made it to today. How was your week?
My morning started off with an early morning trip to Winston-Salem with my Mom to stock up at Trader Joe's.
There are some things that are always on my list when I go there buy I found a few new things.
First is this..

My Mom love's Harney & Son's cinnamon tea, I usually order her a few bags of the sachets for Xmas and her birthday. On our way to TJ's I was telling her that Target now carries the tins of Harney & Sons tea for $5.99. This one from TJ's is the same type tin and the sachets inside look the same and were $3.99. I am sure that my Mom will let me know if they brew up the same. I wonder if Harney& Son's supplies these for TJs.
I was happy to find this...

I am looking forward to a cup tomorrow am. I love TJ's.
Then it was more errands and grocery shopping. Tonight back up to town for dinner with some work colleague's and a few more errands.
What does all this running around mean? No stitching! That doesn't mean no stashing. I was lucky to win a giveaway over at Nataly's Needlework and I received these wonderful Pickle Barrel Designs.

I love snowmen. Thank you Nataly.
Then I received this in the mail...

And this..

Now I just need a month at home to stitch!

I am so saddened by the tragic events in Newtown. Rich and I lived and worked in the next town. We went to movies in the town hall together. I cannot imagine what the families and the community is going through. There is no way to ease the pain or make things better. My heart aches.


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geeky Heather said...

I love Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon tea!! Did you know they make it in green tea, too? Some days I will brew a whole pot of it and drink it all day!

Margaret said...

Love all the new stash! And Trader Joe's -- went to one for the first time in the fall. So much fun!

Krista said...

Great new stash, Chris! and love the goodies you picked up at Trader Joe's. That Chai tea looks really great, anything salty sweet usually is ;) Let me know how you like it!

The tragedy in Newtown is so very sad. It is being felt all around up here. I can't even sleep thinking about it.

Catherine said...

Planning on hitting Trader Joe's this coming week. Hope mine has that version of Chai ~ let me know how it is!

Mary said...

Wish we had a TJ nearby. Love going to the one when we visit our daughter in CA!
Great stash even if you don't have time to stitch right now :)
Yes, the events of yesterday make me very sad and my heart just breaks for everyone involved.

Barb said...

I'm impressed at how sad everyone is! It gives me faith in humanity.

Your stash looks so good and will bring many fun hours of stitching!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Nice stash... I'll be stitching the Stacy Nash Christmas sampler too. Stacy hit a home run with that design.

Myra said...

Oh I do love that Stacy Nash sampler - what linen are you using? I hope the tea is good. Congratulations on your win and you new stash enhancements.

butterfly said...

Great shopping tea looks very nice.
Wonderful win, you are going to be so busy, hugs.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I've just been catching up on your recent posts Chris. It's such a busy time of year that stitching tends to be way down the list unfortunately. I try to use it as incentive to get on quickly with what has to be done so that I can get onto a little crafting as a "reward".

Vickie said...

Whoa!! I drink about 6 chai tea lattes a week. We make them at home. My favorite is pumpkin spice. But that!! That looks fab!! They just built a Trader Joe's near my in-laws I do believe. yummy!

heidistitches said...

How funny, I just bought the same two things at TJs this weekend too! I also bought some "sipping chocolate" which sounded very rich and delicious - can't wait to try it out.

valerie said...

Stash! How fun! It all looks great. I love that Trader Joes Cinnamon tea. I have a canister sitting on my work desk. I've never had Harvey and Sons Tea. The Chai tea sounds delicious!