Monday, December 17, 2012

Another Weekend Over

December weekends are always so hectic. Saturday night Rich and I headed back up the road to have dinner with a group that I used to work with. It was really great to see everyone.
After that we did some shopping, Target and one of the grocery stores.
We stopped at a place called delicious to check out their baked goods.

Look at all these beautiful cupcakes decorated for the holidays.

I should have gotten closer with these pics. They were beautiful.

Rich and I decided to share a slice of cake. It was a Hawaiian cake with some pineapple. Yum. Thanks Kim for telling me about this place.
After the cake we headed over to one of the Greensboro neighborhoods to check out the Christmas lights. These are not the tacky Christmas lights these are magical.

They are the lighted balls that are suspended in the tree branches. It is magical to drive down a street that has hundred if them.

The pics do not do it justice.
Yesterday was just working around the house. It seems at least one day during the weekend I spend cooking for the upcoming week.

For dinner I made this crockpot beef and barley soup recipe from the Tasty Kitchen. It was perfect for the rainy day we had.
I did stitch a few strands worth last night, but once I finally got settled it was time to go to bed.
Now a busy week begins. I have a Dr. appointment and plans to catch up with friends.
I hope everyone has a great week. Be safe and kind!

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robindefender said...

Hey! I love that neighborhood with the balls of lights in the trees. I keep telling Alton we should try that. Maybe next year. Looks like you had a good weekend.

cucki said...

aww so much fun..
yummyyyyyyyyy post :)
love for you x

Margaret said...

Ahhh, that bakery!! And the Christmas lights! Niiiiice! The soup looks delicious!

Mary said...

The cakes and the soup look so yummy!
I love the lights this time of year and can't wait to go through one nearby neighborhood. Usually do that after leaving Christmas Eve service.

Have a great week!

Miss Pants said...

Glad you finally got to try Delicious! It's my favorite.

We love the neighborhood lights, David walked through there with his fancy camera last night to try and capture them. But you can't capture magic on film. :D

Jennifer M. said...

Those baked goods looked yummy! You had much restraint to walk away with just one piece of cake. ;)

Christmas lights are my favorite thing to see this time of the year.


Nicola said...

I could not walk away without sampling those scrumptious looking cakes.

diamondc said...

Oh yum cupcakes, your soup looks very good.
I am jealous you had cake.

Siobhán said...

It looks like a lot of fun. Those cakes--YUM!!!

Catherine said...

The soup and sweets look yummy! That street must be amazing! Thanks for sharing!