Thursday, August 16, 2012

Work, Work, Work

What is your work area like?

I have a desk and a lot of file cabinets that are behind me. I process Patient Assistance Applications for medicine at a Behavioral Health facility.
The pharmacy area is in front of where I sit so when the other tech is out I work the counter too.
The only needlework on display is my wallpaper on my computer screen. The sampler is Ruthy Rogers.

I also take care of these guys.
So what does your work area look like?

Rich runs a 6 color sheet fed press. He works out of this toolbox. All those picture in the lid are of trucks. I think that there is a note that I put in his lunchbox. Maybe I need to stitch him something to add to the collage?

I hope that everyone is having a great work day. If you aren't working I hope that you are home stitching!


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cucki said...

looks like you are so busy..
sending you hugs
cucki xx

geeky Heather said...

Your desk is way neater than mine!! I think a lot of people would probably run screaming if they saw it...

Krista said...

Thanks for sharing your office pics! Love all the plants you have there. I wish I had a green thumb. I like to have some fresh flowers on my desk from time to time. I read this post right before leaving my office so I snapped some pics to share on my blog too :) Have a nice night!

robindefender said...

Love all your plants that you're taking care of. Hope you're getting some stitching time at home with all this owrk going on.

Catherine said...

My workspace at the moment is my laundry room ~ my boys sure do know how to make the laundry pile up! So really, there is nothing exciting about it! ;)

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Good to see where you spend your working days and I enjoyed seeing your two cats in your last post - I just love black cats.

Barb said...

It was fun seeing your work area. Back when I was teaching , I had a rather orderly desk. Now I'm lucky enough to be home blogging and stitching. That plus a little volunteering at a nearby school.