Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday Greetings From The Boys

Binx & Beau have been neglected here lately.
Here is Binx..

He loves it when we bring a box home from the grocery store. He I immediately involved in the unpacking process and the cardboard box inspection. He has gotten quite big and probably weighs about 14 lbs. now.

Beau sometimes gets too comfortable where he has decided to nap and falls off. He is still my stealth ninja cat even though he has these clumsy moments.
There is not much stitching happening since it is during the work week, but here is my progress on my ornament for this month.

Ooh sorry about the shadow.
As always, thanks for checking in here and for all your lovely comments.
Happy Wednesday!

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Carol said...

Just love those black kitties, Chris!! They remind me so much of my old cat, Shadow :)

Nice progress on your latest ornament, too!

Vickie said...

What a cute stitch so far. And both your cats are beautiful.

Krista said...

Binx and Beau are the cutest. You get really nice pics of them. I have a black kitty too, Gigi, but find it hard to get good pics of her. She also is not much of a poser! LOL
Your new ornament is looking great :)

cucki said...

aww very sweet stitching..
kitties are so cuteeeeeeeeee
hugs cucki x

Margaret said...

Love the pics of your two fur babies. It's nice to know that Mia isn't the only one who has clumsy moments. lol! I thought she must be unusual! It's so funny when she has her clumsy moments! And yes, Mia loves boxes too. Always has to come and help with boxes!

Gabi said...

Cats and boxes are a match made in heaven. Closely followed by draws that one of ours sadly can open himself.
Love your gorgeous stitching

butterfly said...

Oh lovely little sweeties my cat use to love a box to play with great stitching looks great.hugs.

Barb said...

Such cute cats and I love their names!! The ornament start is great.

marly said...

Sweet boys! I'm not familiar with this design so I'm trying to figure out the Don't P.

Miss Pants said...

Haha..funny to think about about it...but your cat isn't far off from weighing as much as Lena. Bet she's just as wriggly too.

Heidi Kuijer said...

You just have to love our kitties. They bring so much fun into the house. We now live with one very old cat who still has his playful moments. He is however definitely the boss in this house.

I really must get back to stitching but am so bitten by the crochet bug at the moment. When I am not crocheting, I am trying to get my quilt quilted. *sigh* Can you figure out how to add more hours to a day???

Hugs from Holland ~

Dani - tkdchick said...

Bind and Hunter could be siblings!

Lovely little piece you're working on!

Shirlee said...

Love the kitties AND the ornament : )

Karoline said...

Love the photo's of the kitties & the ornament is looking lovely

Catherine said...

What handsome fellas and cute ornament!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

My workspace has two monitors and dust. Like your stitching in progress. Have a great weekend!