Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Good Morning Friends!
I was amazed yesterday when I left work how green it was. The trees have really leafed out. It seemed like a huge day from just the day before. It is crazy weather.

I stopped by my Mom's and was fortunate to see these. It is a tree peony. They don't look real do they?
I was trolling eBay for a few more travel projects and got these..

I guess that I am going to have a lot of patriotic pieces since I have already stitched a lot of the snowmen.
I hope to get some stitching in this week and to do the finishing on my March ornament. Wish me luck.
I am going to leave you with this picture of Binx watching tv. He seems to really enjoy some of the animal shows, this was frozen planet.

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Nicola said...

Peonies are beautiful, I wish we could grow them in my garden but the conditions are not right for them.

Autumn said...


Margaret said...

Nice stash! I love those tree peonies -- so pretty! And Binx -- so cute! Mia never watches TV. Although once she watched tennis with me. I think she liked the ball. lol!

butterfly said...

Beautiful Peonies love the colour, I have a yellow one but it won't be out yet.
Love your cat just watching TV like that how sweet.
Nice goodies.

Krista said...

Lovely pic, Chris! Those peonies are stunning! Binx is so cute, my Gigi sometimes will watch tv if there is a dog or cat on the screen :)

Cath said...

Awww, bless him . Too cute .XXX

Jeannine520 said...

He's adorable. Has Binx seen the documentary "Winged Migration"? It had my cats chattering at the screen and trying to climb behind the tv.

Penny said...

You are right, it is crazy weather. I think someone stole our spring around here - it's cold again (to me). :)
Those tree peonies are beautiful!
Oh my goodness - Binx is so cute watching his show. ;)

Myra said...

Those peony's are gorgeous! Love your new patriotic stash. Let me know if you need me to do some sewing for you.

Deborah said...

Nice stash! They should keep you busy. Love the Peonies. Binx couldn't be cuter.

Dani - tkdchick said...

OMG aren't cats the funniest creatures ever! I sure adore my two trouble makers!

Looks like you got some great deals!

Littlebit said...

Oh my goodness, the tree peony is stunning!
And Binx..too adorable.

Catherine said...

Great goodies, pretty flowers and a cute kitty!