Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hello Mailbox!

Happy Wednesday!
Last night I stopped to pick up the mail on my way home from work and found a lovely little package waiting for me. I was lucky to receive an ornament from Heidi from

This is the wonderful box that it came in.

And here is the wonderful origami ornament she sent. I have found a place to hang it out of the range of the cats. Thank you Heidi!
I also had a package from Theresa at Shakespeare's Peddler waiting for me.

Let me add a few more projects to the pile. She also sent a card with some floss. Thank you Theresa.
I hope the day holds good things for all of us. Now it is off to work!

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Cleejoow said...

ooh don't you loooove goodies in the mail :) enjoy!

Margaret said...

I love good mail days! That origami ornament is so cool! Nice stash too!

heidistitches said...

I'm always so please when I see my origami arriving safely (not smashed!). Thanks for the shout out and thanks for visiting my blog too!

cucki said... too i love mail day so much..cute ornament and great stash..have fun cucki xx

Christina said...

Love your new ornie and recent additions to your stash...I'm sure you desperately need new stash! ;o) X

Myra said...

Isn't happy mail fun?! Love that little ornament. I just knew you needed more stash. :o)

Catherine said...

What a beautiful ornament! Great new stash!

Anne said...

Lovely packages!! Can't wait to see you start your new projects!!