Monday, December 12, 2011

Busy Monday

Happy Monday!
I hope that everyone had a great weekend.
The big accomplishment at Tot Hill was this...

Filling out a pile of Xmas cards. Yea! I took them to the post office today. Rich got a lot of wrapping done too and we got a couple of boxes shipped out. There are still a few things we need to get and some more wrapping to finish but it is under control. Binx is enjoying chasing crumpled up balls of wrapping paper around the living room.
I met 2 dear friends for dinner tonight. We had some Italian food and exchanged some small gifts.

This happy snowman has joined my mantle display.

I also have this wonderful new pashmina scarf to keep me warm.
Thank you dear friends.

I made a big pot of cauliflower soup and another batch of Indian pudding this weekend. Perfect winter comfort food. I don't think I am going to do any special baking this holiday. I took my kitchenaid over to my Mom's so that she could use it for some things she is making.
I have put in my order for the kind of cookie that is my fav. :)

That is it for tonight.
Sweet dreams.


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Barb said...

Good for you Chris! Getting those cards done is a chore,I haven't started.

Margaret said...

Good for you on the Christmas cards. I confess, we've stopped doing them ourselves. Just couldn't deal with it! Love that pashmina shawl!

Carol said...

Great job on the cards, Chris--they are on my agenda tomorrow... I seem to send (and receive) fewer each year, I'm sad to say.

Lovely gifts from your friends--and how sweet that you still have your mom nearby to make your favorite cookie :)

cucki said...

yup..well done for the cards..
i love the shawl so much..i also have one in brown fav..
keep well..hugs cucki xx

Anne said...

Lovely scarf and what a cute snowman!! I love his broom and little birdie perched on top!! Good job on getting your cards mailed. I just mailed mine yesterday and feel so relieved to have them done!!