Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday fun...

Fun if you are a history geek.

This morning I headed up to Old Salem to attend a Saturday symposium at MESDA on George Washington. The talks focused on pieces in the MESDA collection that had connections to Washington and the curator from Mt. Vernon spoke about the collection at Mt. Vernon and how they helped in understanding Washington. I had recently listened to the new Washington biography by Chernow so it was nice to see many things that were mentioned in the book.

The first picture is of the single brother's house and this picture is Salem Tavern. I walked around a little this morning before registering.
There was a nice lunch served with an amazing white chocolate bread pudding desert. It wasn't bread but more of a pudding with a great texture and a pecan and sugar topping. I will find this recipe! Yum!
After that it was a stroll around the Art in Clay exhibit about the pottery produced in this area from the mid 1700's to the mid 1800's. It is a beautiful exhibit. If you have the chance to see it you should go. After being at MESDA the exhibit will go to Williamsburg. Go see it!
I am going back to next Saturday for another seminar on the trades of the area.

So, what to stitch next? I am waiting for an order that I placed. So I reached my hand back into the basket and pulled out this UFO. So now you know what I will be doing tonight.
I hope that everyone had a great day.

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robindefender said...

What ufo? LOL Have fun working on it, whatever it is!