Friday, June 3, 2011

Lazy Daisy Crazy

Finally a finish! Here is Strawberry Garden from Blackbird Designs. I probably started this the year it came out in 2006 and it was a third finished and languished in my UFO pile until recently.
I have enjoyed the colors in this and the specialty stitches. I think that I will be happy if I don't do another lazy daisy for awhile. I enjoyed the blanket stitch centers in the center of the blue flowers.

The basket was just alternating strait stitches.

Now the chart will be mailed off to a blogging friend to stitch next. Maybe it will become one of those traveling charts.
I need to pack it in for the night. I am going to a program at MESDA tomorrow about George Washington. I will take some pictures of Old Salem to share.

Sweet Dreams!

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robindefender said...

Glad you finished it! I love the colors. It's really a cute piece. How are you going to finish it? Framed, or as a pillow, or what?

Have fun at Old Salem tomorrow. We're debating a drive to the beach.

Myra said...

Gorgeous finish Chris! Have fun at Old Salem.

Jenny said...

Big congratulations, Chris, what an accomplishment! Your Strawberry Garden is just gorgeous. It is on my to-do list too, so now I am even more excited about spending some time stitching it. The colors are soooo pretty!
Are you going to frame it or finish it any other way?

Cindy's Stitching said...

Beautiful. What a great piece. The colors really pop.

Carol said...

That really is a lot of lazy daisies!! Your finish is so, so lovely, Chris--I can see why you enjoyed stitching it.

Congratulations on a wonderful piece :)

Catherine said...

Such a lovely piece!!!

Rowyn said...

That's a stunning piece. I'm sure you are very happy with your finish, it's gorgeous.