Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pay It Forward

Happy Saturday!
Here are a couple of small charts that I have stitched up recently.
They are looking for a good home. If you would like to stitch them please comment on this post and I will pass them on. If you would like one or both let me know. If more than one person requests the chart(s), I will do the name drawing thing!

I have been having trouble commenting on other blogs. Blogger has been acting weird all week! There have been some great inspiring posts this week!

That's it for now....

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natalyK said...

Would love to stitch the Halloween one up.

robindefender said...

try clearing your cache and deleting your cookies. I've heard that helped a few people resolve their blogger issues yesterday. Just don't ask me how to do those two things!

Sarah Beth said...

Ooh boy I sure would love to have them. I love snowmen and Halloween.

Anonymous said...

wow, two I don't have, i love a chance to make the nsowman