Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Thanks everyone for your kind comments on Strawberry Garden. I have not stitched since Sunday but hopefully will tomorrow.

This evening I spent inventorying my Gentle Art Sampler and Weeks Dye Works floss. I put an app that I found on my iPhone. The few times that I have gone to a needlework store in the last couple of years I have ended up just buying charts. I really haven't had a good handle on what floss I have at home a didn't want to buy more duplicates. So, most of the charts have not been kitted up or anything. Do you kit things up immediately? Do you just add charts to your stash? What tools do you use to organize you supplies?

The other app I found was a fabric size calculator. You put in the stitch count and wa-la. Sounds like I am ready to shop! Good thing there isn't an LNS nearby.

Well off to bed!
Sweet dreams!

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Jenny said...

Wow, Chris - that is too cool. Maybe I have to break down and get a call phone one of these days...
I had to laugh about you not wanting to buy floss in duplicates! I am one of those forgetful people that actually buy the charts in duplicates. I need a chart app! LOL

PegC said...

fabric sizing app--how good is that! One problema--no iphone! I organize both ways: I have a box just for charts and I have some accordian type holders where I put charts w/fibers and sometimes fabric. That way it isn't always such a lot of work when I just want to start something new!