Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obligation Stitching

Here it is. Good-bye, good luck. Don't let the door hit you in the a@#.

I will be putting in the mail Friday so the fabulous lady who is doing all the finishing can work her magic.

The regular EGA meeting was supposed to be the 21st but has been cancelled due to the holiday..?
I am in one of those moods where I am feeling like not renewing my membership this year.

Work is still being a b*&%$@. I guess that I will be saying goodbye to the spreadsheets so that I can go back to my original job and get it under control again. My co-workers have been so helpful and supportive...I really shouldn't be going down this path. Bitter.

I can't sleep so maybe I will try and stitch some. I am working both jobs tomorrow. UGH.

Catch some zzzs for me :)


Parsley said...

Cute project. Hope work gets a little better.

TeresaB said...

Well you obligation stitching looks lovely Chris so that's one good thing. Why can't work be pleasant like sitting in a nice chair with a great stitch pattern and some linen and floss in hand? Hope things get better soon!

Myra said...

Your obligation stitching looks great Chris but I know what you mean about must do it vs. wanna do it. I do hope work gets better for you soon. Have a great weekend.