Saturday, April 16, 2011

Attitude Adjustment Saturday

I wish that I could be this relaxed and laid back. This is what my cats do while I am at work being stressed out.  I tend to care very much about what I do and work very hard. I am in a situation where I feel like my work area is always disrespected and I am always given more work to do and have to clean up when other people are behind. Not a good place to be. But it is a job, right?
 I had to pull out another quilt since it has been cool at night. I love having the windows open this time of year.

I came home on Thursday night after working both jobs to a wonderful surprise. My spring exchange partners box came. It was just what I needed after my horrible Wednesday. I will be posting pics next weekend. The organizer of this exchange(Lainey) whats to have the reveal then.  All I can say to Deborah(Cranberry Samplings) is THANK YOU!

Rich and I went to see Hanna on Friday. I really liked it. I think it had an interesting style and sense of humor.

Today Rich and I ran some errands and then he went outside to work on his military truck and I did some stitching.
Do you see the date on this one?! 1987. I wasn't even stitching samplers then. I found this at some small needlework in South Carolina .one of those sad places that had a lot of old inventory. I don't think they really had much. It was probably about 5 years ago. Anyway I found this kit and I think it was maybe $5 bucks. It has been languishing in the stash since then but today it rose to the surface and what the heck!? Let me start something new!

I will post some progress pics tomorrow.

I hope that where ever you are that you and your families are safe. There have been strong dangerous storms across the south. Have a great night.


P.S. Do not try Ben & Jerry's Red Velvet Cake ice cream. It is nasty. Consider yourselves warned!!


Dani - tkdchick said...

I so envy my cats too! Too cold to have the windows open here!!!

robindefender said...

Sometimes I come home from work for my lunch break and see my cats sprawled out on the bed. It's all I can do to make myself go back to work instead of curling up with them instead.

I drove past the trailer park in Dunn today. The destruction was terrible and awesome (in a bad way) to see. I'm so thankful to have made it safely through this weekend, and glad y'all are all right too.