Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Out of my comfort zone

I am still working on the ornament kits that I have based on the 2005 JCS ornament issue. This is the Cindy Valentine ornament, not really what I stitch. I still have a bunch of eyelets and some beads on this side and then I will stitch the other side. I am enjoying it but as I said it is not really what I normally stitch.
This is the Erica Michaels design from the same issue. This is more my speed. Sorry the picture is so bad, the colors are much better in person.

I know that everyone is really busy with the holidays. I have dinner plans with friends and for work the next 3 nights, so there probably won't be much stitching.

 I got some stash from Needlecraft Corner with my birthday coupon. The new Prairie Schoolers, the Jenny Bean friendship sampler and a few more treasures.

I need to go stitch now :)

Have a great week!



Myra said...

I love the colors in the Erica Michaels design - that little package is so pretty. Wonderful stash you have yourself there - should keep you busy for a few days. :o) Stay warm!

Carol said...

Good for you for challenging yourself with the first ornament, Chris. And I see Prairie Schoolers in your new stash pile!! Can't wait to see them stitched up :)

Anonymous said...

Both ornaments are lovely and you got some great stash too!

Robin said...

I think it is good for us to stretch our stitching boundaries now and again and an ornament is a perfect way to do it as they tend to be small. Your stitching looks great! My, what a stash haul! Have fun sifting throught everything!

Mary said...

Your ornaments are really coming along great.