Saturday, December 4, 2010

EGA Holiday Party

Thursday night was our annual EGA Holiday party. The chapter is small right now, 19 members. We met at our chapter president's house. For this meeting members signed up to bring an appetizer, salad or desert and we enjoyed a great meal together.

After dinner it was time for the ornament exchange. I have to say that every year I look forward to getting an ornament from a different member of the chapter. This year I was so lucky to receive Allison's ornament. Isn't he fabulous? I need to do some canvas work.
These are all the ornaments from the group. Aren't they all fabulous? Rachel did a drawing for the ornaments where numbers were drawn and then the person who got the last ornament passed the ornament they stitched to the person whose number that they drew. In the past we went to smugging the ornaments in in identical bags so that when you drew your number you couldn't target a particular stitchers bag every year. Are we devious or what?

Rachel did a beautiful job hosting the party. Her tree had a thousand white lights on it. I think it can be seen from outer space! It was so beautiful.

Rachel also showed us the project that Meg Shinall will be teaching the chapter in the spring. It is a beautiful hardanger table runner. I have wanted to learn hardanger for a long time. I would love to stitch some hardanger ornaments. So, one of my stitching goals for next year is to finish that table runner and to stitch at least 1 hardanger ornament.

I am not disciplined enough to sign up for one of those 15 project challenges floating around out there. I just don't stitch well with others.

I hope that everyone has a great Saturday.
More news later....back from the framers :)



diamondc said...

What a great group of people and such wonderful and beautiful ornaments, Merry Christmas.

robindefender said...

I love that little Santa ornie! Sigh. It's seeing things like this that make me wish I was still lived in Greensboro. Happy holidays!

Christina said...

What a lovely Santa exchange ornie. I too would like to do some canvas work although my cross stitching keeps me very busy at the moment!

Carol said...

You received a very cute ornament, Chris...but judging from the photo of the group, you would have been happy with any of them. Sounds like a great bunch of stitchers!

Robin said...

First time visiting your blog. Enjoyed looking through all your pictures. Your tree is beautiful and so are all the EGA ornaments!

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Chris! I love your Santa ornament. He's just adorable! All the ornaments are beautiful, and it sounds like you had a fun time at the holiday party. I hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend!
...I love your Santa moon decoration a few posts down. :) Paulette