Saturday, November 20, 2010


 I had a tough week at work this past week. I am doing a different job in my department. It is heavy computer & paperwork. There is so much to do. I could work extra hours to get caught up if they allowed that but they don't so I am just going to have to put my nose to the grindstone and get things where they need to be.
I also went to dinner with 2 GFs on Monday, Rich and I went to see Morning Glory Tuesday night, I worked 6 to 10 at CVS on Wednesday night. I picked up a girl who works in another dept. and drove her to work and took her home for 3 days since she had had some surgery. I worked 38 hours in 4 days so that I could be off on Friday for some Dr. appointments. Rich went for a consultation on his back.
 So  today, I just kind of powered down. I have been trying to go through some of my magazines, after I look at them they go to my Mom or a friend at the library. I got my new issue of Samplings form the Finkels. It is a wonderful addition to your sampler library, there are 2 issues every year for $40. You can also go to the web site to look at their current selection. I am always happy to get my copy or the email saying that the web site has been updated.

I finally got to stitch a little last night. I am going to finish this Angel Stitchin' ornament from the 2005 ornament issue. I have about 5 kits from this issue left to stitch. I have put away my finishing kit for now :)
 I made one of Rich's favorite dinners tonight. This is Rachel Ray's Cheddar, Beef and Potato Pie. Very easy but a little time consuming but it is worth it. I am sure that if you go to her web site you will be able to find this recipe. It is one of her best from the past 10 years.
  I also took a nap. I was just really over tired. Tomorrow, I am working at CVS and then 3 8 hour work days until the holiday weekend. I was hoping that I could work extra since it could be straight time to get some catch up done at the county but they won't do that.

I am looking forward to seeing some movies, stitching and hiking over the holidays. I used to work in retail so I love having the 4 day weekend off. There is no way that I will go anywhere near a shopping center. I may do a little Internet shopping :)  
I hope that the rest of every one's weekend is great. I will see you guys soon.



Myra said...

OH that pie looks scrumptious! And so pretty too. :o) Great start on your next ornament.

Bonnie said...

Just reading your post made me tired, lol.
You certainly had a busy week. the pie looks wonderful and can't wait to see your ornament finish.

Carol said...

Hope this week is a bit more relaxing for you, Chris! Sure sounds like you had a crazy one last week...

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving--enjoy those four days off :)

Shannon said...

Oh, that pie looks so yummy!

Kat said...

That pie looks delightful! The crust is PERFECT! Hope you enjoy some well deserved time off!