Sunday, November 14, 2010

Connecticut Needlework

I got my copy of this book this week. I am disappointed that it was printed in China. My husband runs a press so of course I feel strongly about things being printed here.
I was hoping to go up to see the exhibits in CT the first weekend in December, but I just had a big car repair bill and my friend can not go. So I had to get the book!
The book come in softcover and hardcover. It has lots of pictures and many times shows the back of the needlework too! I think I expected to see more Norwich and Middletown pieces. Anyway, it is a beautiful book.
Also, this quarters issue of Antiques & Fine Arts has an article about Boston samplers and also an article by the Hubers about the exhibit at the Griswold Museum. I love looking at this magazine.

That's my sampler update for now. Going to go for a walk.
Have a peaceful Sunday.

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Jennifer said...

Hey Chris--I got my copy last week also and I have read it twice. I didn't know Rich ran a press! I heard one sampler author say that her book was published in China because that was the place for expert color correction. Of course, that book was six or so weeks late...