Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Technical upgrade

I recently got an iPad. You know how it is when you get a new computer or smart phone.....it is a huge time suck. I am trying to figure out everything I want to use it for. I am trying to convert my paper planner over to this(I now have to figure out what to stuff my coupons in?). I am learning how to download my pictures and to blog, email, play solitaire and download music and books. I know that it is going to be fun and make things easier but right now there is a learning curve.

It also means that I am not stitching much. Tomorrow night I am just coming home after work so after dinner maybe I will be able to settle down and stitch. This is a sampler that I finished last year. This is Sarah Boone from Berks County, PA.

I hope that everyone is having a great week. It is still in the 90's during the days here, but hopefully next week it will be cooler.

Thanks for all the comments.

Good night!



Kat said...

Ooh! Fun! I love samplers, too, but I have had just as much of a challenge getting stitches in this week as you have. Between Book club and our weekly dinner with my MIL, not to mention the kitties, I think I got MAYBE 2 letters stitched this week!


Myra said...

Beautiful sampler. How cool that you got an Ipad - those are really neat.

I am hoping the weather monkeys are right and we are going to get some cooler weather and some RAIN!