Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Day With Zippy

Zippy is the name of my Mini. She is the green car in this line up. We also call her Zips. She will be 3 in December.

Today was Minipalooza, the NC Mini rally.

The rally started in the parking lot of the Old Salem visitor center. Rich and I drove up to Winston early so that we could stop and get a bagel. Asheboro really doesn't have a place for bagels, not even a Dunkin' Donuts. About 40 Minis showed up for the drive.

The start off was kind of confusing. They drove off in groups and they were supposed to drive the speed limit and keep the Mini in front and behind you in sight. We went through Old Salem and up 52 to 8 towards Pilot mountain. These people zoomed off. The route we took was on a lot of winding back roads driving way too fast. I wasn't really comfortable with the speed they drove going thru some residential areas and on some of the roads. The route was pretty. It took us through Danbury and Booneville.

After almost 3 hours we ended up at Westend Vineyards.

There were about 70 Minis. All lined up. There was BBQ for lunch, a wine tasting and live music.

Rich and I had a good time and met some nice people. I have to say that the power wagon crowd is nicer. They watch out for each other and are more safety conscious. That rally is usually the end of April.
Rich and I headed back out and stopped in Winston Salem for some retail therapy for me and a new pair of sneakers for work.

So home for dinner, a walk up and down the driveway and once I am done here, some stitching.

I hope that everyone had a great fall weekend. Hopefully it is our last 90+ degree day for 2010.

Have a good evening.


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