Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pay It Forward Sunday

Ok, I had time this morning before work to do the drawing for this PIF chart. My husband was very intrigued with this whole process and assisted me by folding up entries and then drawing the winner....
is Trillium!!!! Please send me your mailing info and I will get this chart out to you.
Thanks everyone for your interest in this. I like the charts to find a new home :)
Stop back tomorrow to see this upcoming week's PIF chart.

I hope everyone has had a great week. I have been very busy at work. I had a memorial service to go to Thursday night, so I got home really late. Saturday was my day off for the week. Rich and I went for a 5 mile hike in the morning and then I went in and worked my second job for 4 hours. They just rolled out a new system and the adjustment is a little rough. Last year when I was working in California and Hawaii, this is the system that we 1 year and 3 months later it is finally here :) Not quite like riding a bicycle :)

Here is my stitching progress for the week. Not much!! About the only time I have stitched is on my lunch break at work filling in the green border and the hearts. I have had to dive into the stash to find some more Forest Glade GAST. The lot is a little darker but at this point I want this done. The center background is supposed to be Summer meadow. I know the floss that was sent with the kit will not cover all that I need, and as it is kind of a yellow, I am thinking about just leaving that part off. Any thoughts on this? I think I am going to hang onto this one as a Valentine's Day ornament rather than Xmas.

I have to go get a shower to get ready to go into work. I hope everyone has a peaceful day...with some stitching thrown in!



Myra said...

Your WIP looks great and I think it would be find to leave the yellow background off.

Faye said...

I am so glad to have found another NCarolina stitcher~~~ Your wip is beautiful and like Myra, I would leave off the yellow background...I think it will look just fine as is...Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words..They are inspirational!

I notice you mentioned you have a EGA...I would LOVE to have one close to me.....I think I am about an hour or less south of you....

Take care, Faye

Carol said...

I agree with Myra and Faye--the yellow really isn't needed. It looks wonderful as is :)

gazette94 said...

Hello Chris, thank you so much for your visit and the nice comment.
I like your blog and all the amazing stitching !