Monday, August 23, 2010

Early Monday

Here is a finish this morning. This is the 2005 JCS ornament from Blackbird Designs. I was in a group that did an ornament kit exchange based on the JCS ornament issue. The group stopped this year and I miss it. I have lots of kits in my stash to stitch but I loved pouring over the new issue and then stitching and kitting my assignments, sending them off and then getting a box back of kits. I think that I participated for 4 or 5 years. I have finished all my kits from the 2004 issue and I am now working on 2005. I just out a few stitches in the 2005 Handwork ornament. Hopefully I will do the finishing on quite a few ornaments in October and November.

I have been thinking more about goals for next year, should I stitch things with pumpkins, flags, pears, all redwork, birds, alphabets....the choices seem endless! Is anyone else thinking about next year's stitching goals?
I have been up since about 3:30. Rich was restless, and I was having some lingering incision pain and a headache. I am better now, on my 2nd diet coke and did some stitching. Rich gets up at 4am for work and I usually get up at 6. I also need to think about once I go back to work on Wednesday, how to set time aside for exercise, stitching, reading, Rich and lots of other things.

Anyway, I should go take a walk. Happy Monday!!!



Deborah said...

Beautiful finish!

natalyK said...

Love your finish. I haven't thought about next year's projects yet, I am still trying to squeeze more projects into the next few months.