Friday, July 23, 2010

Knocked on my a@*!

I had my hysterctomy on the 13th and I am finally starting to feel normal. I have never been in the hospital and I guess that I really had no idea what to expect. The care and every interaction that I had at the Women's hospital in Greensboro was excellent. I ended up having an abdominal incision so spent 2 nights in the hospital. Got my staples out on Monday and have been getting better every day.
  On Tuesday and Wednesday this week I had some post surgery blues, just felt like crying. I have been home by myself and even though I have not had bad pain, I think that the constant feeling has accumulated and gotten to me. Friends to the rescue, I have had company the last couple of days and had the chance to sit and talk with people that I don't get to talk with that often. It has been great!
  My husband's work week is done so today we are going to the movies. I think we will check Inception off the list today. After that I will probably be toast and will head back home to veg out.

Stay cool friends!

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