Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Scrapping....sort of

    Tonight I am going to cut up my new issue of Antiques & Fine Art.  I have looked through the magazine a couple of times and now it is time to cut out the sampler pictures and put them in my binders.
   Like most sampler lovers I have a library of sampler books and have collected certain issues of magazines that have articles about samplers. A couple of years ago I figured I might as well subscribe to the Magazine Antiques and Antiques and Fine Art.  I love looking at all the pictures and when I am finished with it  I cut out the adds from the Finkels and the Hubers and anything else sampler related and in it goes to the binder. A lot of the samplers these dealers sell go into private collections and are never seen again but I have the pics right here in my own notebooks. I have samplers with Boston bands, Marsh school samplers, and lots of mourning samplers and I always enjoy looking through them.
   I also have found that I love looking at all the different things in the magazines, the folk art and the paintings, etc. It is a real treat when one of these magazines shows up in my mailbox. I also mess with the people I work with by cutting out little pictures of paintings that I like and sticking them up at work. They really don't know what to think! but they do look forward to spotting one :)
   Off to find my paper cutter!

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