Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Mexico

Hello Friends!
   Thank you for all your kind comments on my travel. I left home on Friday since I was going to have to travel on Sunday anyway. I wanted to see some of the museums in Santa Fe. I got a great deal on my hotel. When I got in on Friday afternoon it looked like this...
So no museums for me on Friday night. That was ok. I had a nice relaxed evening. I had picked up a couple of things at Trader Joe's.
This is what I had for dinner. What a great salad, I think it is my new favorite.
The next morning was clear so I headed up the road. This is through one of the National Forests. I took my time and was very careful.
This was my destination.
Just beautiful and so nice to see it in the snow
See the bridge in the background.
A cold day to be out selling jewelry. She assured me it would be worth being outside and there would be a lot of people visiting the bridge.
It was just a gorgeous day.
I am sure that the skiers were very happy!
My next stop was the Kit Carson Museum.
What an amazing life. Definitely worth the stop.
What a sweet sewing bag. Mrs. Carson probably only had one pair of scissors, unlike the 20+ that many of us have.
The house was built in 1825.
Then it was time for lunch.
I had some chicken enchiladas with both red and green chile sauce, Christmas style. The sauces are amazing. Eating Mexican food on the east coast is just not the same, I have been spoiled.
  After that I headed back to Santa Fe.
There is stunning scenery everywhere.
I could have spent some time looking in galleries and other museums but decided on an early night, the snow made things messy.
   This morning the day started like this..
Just beautiful. I packed up and headed back to Santa Fe.
I stopped to see Camel Rock Monument.
What a way to start the day.
After that I headed over to The International Folk Art Museum, but I am going to do a separate post on my visit there.Too many beautiful things to share!

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! Thanks as always for stopping by and your kind comments.



Brigitte said...

Looks like a very interesting trip. So much snow on the roads - not something I would like to drive in but when there is only little traffic it's OK. The view from the bridge is breath taking, and seeing this scenery in winter covered with snow is so much different from the view in summer. Absolutely worth a visit.

butterfly said...

Thank you for sharing Chris , you do go to some wonderful places. Stay safe and enjoy hugs .

Marilyn said...

Thanks for sharing the pics.
That rock really does look like a Camel's head!

Vickie said...

Oh Chris!Wow! I have never been there. I really, really liked this post. I am glad to see you dressed warmly my friend. That is what our world looks like currently. Very white! That woman is brave to be OUT selling jewelry.

Vera said...

Hi Chris!! Jealous -- Santa Fe is one of my all time favorite places. There are some awesome restaurants in the heart of the town as well (around the square). Enjoy your time. Did you get to the Georgia O'Keefe museum?

Robin in Virginia said...

Wow, Chris! What beautiful pictures you shared! I am glad you didn't have any issues with the snow. Enjoy your week!

Cindy's Stitching said...

awesome sights Chris

cucki said...

Beautiful xx

Mugwump Woolies said...

Loving this! Santa Fe is on my to do list! Stay safe.

KimM said...

OH. MY. GOSH. What a great trip - the scenery is so beautiful. I'm so glad you are taking the time to share your adventures with us.

Carolyn said...

Thanks for sharing your trip. Your pictures are wonderful. I love seeing the snow. Looks like you had some great meals. I enjoy your travels. Have safe travels home!

diamondc said...

Chris: It is so nice to see your travels before you work, thank-you for sharing the photos with us, I love history and the Grand Canyon oh my, someday I will visit.
The jewelry lady looks so cold.


The Inspired Stitcher said...

It's always fun to see where your travels take you. I've added some destinations to our "must see" list from reading your posts. Be well and be safe out there. Happy 2016!

Von said...

Such a chilly, but wonderful time in the Santa Fe area! I really enjoyed your pics!

Julie said...

Such beautiful scenery you have captured in your pics.

Margaret said...

Such beautiful country out there! Yes, Mexican food on the east coast doesn't cut it. lol! I haven't had reallly really good Mexican food since the west coast. I can't imagine selling jewelry in the snow! Brrrr! Love seeing everything! Hope you are enjoying the travel and not working too hard.

cucki said...

Beautiful sights..I love it x