Saturday, January 30, 2016

Another Weekend in Georgia...Trying to Outrun Jonas(January Blizzard 2016)

Hello Friends!
    Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I am looking forward to being home and catching up on my blog reading and responses( I just can't seem to do this when I am traveling). And I have been traveling... I left home on Wednesday 1/20 and I am sitting at the airport in Cleveland starting my journey home.
   Before I get to my travel and some stitching I wanted to show you the lovely ornaments and pretty piece of fabric that I received from Catherine over at I Love to Stitch blog.
Catherine does beautiful stitching and beadwork. I don't bead or have anything like this in my collection of ornaments. Such treasures! I had the chance to meet Catherine last year during my travels. I am hoping to get up her way sometime this year. Thank you Catherine!
 I started my journey in Philadelphia. I had an event Thursday in Camden, NJ.
I saw this in the airport and it is my own motto of sorts. Dee at Tangled Up in Sticks &Strings sent me the link on the artist. 
  I didn't have much time to explore in Philly. Thursday night after my event I had dinner with one of my cousins, I should have left town but I didn't want to miss dinner. Wednesday I did change my plans. The storm was scheduled to hit NC in the morning and not in Philadelphia  until Friday night. I had to be in Rome, GA Monday morning so I flew to Atlanta.
Good thing too. My original flight to Raliegh was canceled and I have a good hour and 40 minute drive from the airport so chances are I would have gotten stuck in an airport or on the road...
  So to continue the saga, I get off the plane and learn that my inspection Monday was rescheduled to Tuesday... I was going to try to get home Monday night and then fly to Cleveland on Wednesday afternoon for an event on Friday... So let me just fly to Cleveland from Atlanta. I really don't have enough time to get home.
   So what to do with a weekend in Atlanta? Atlanta was due to get some snow/freezing rain so before going to my hotel I went to the grocery store with everyone else. So with provisions for the weekend I checked in and caught up in my sleep. The next morning I made a last minute stubhub purchase for the Fox Theater..
The roads were clear but it was windy and cold.
I have heard good things about this show.
The theater was beautiful. 
Stars in the evening sky inside the theater.
Before the show we were entertained by this organist. It makes you imagine what it must have been like when it opened as a movie palace.
   The show was excellent, exactly what I needed.
  On Sunday I packed up to head to Rome, GA. It was a gorgeous day so I drove to Stone Mountain to get a hike in.
It really is one big rock. This is the carving of Lee on the side of the mountain.
 I chose to take the trail around the mountain.
It was a beautiful day.
Everything was going great until I got to this part...
Ice was melting and water was running off the mountain and it was very slippery.
But should you go back? Will it be more dangerous? Or go forward? You know where this is going...
See my fabulous new prescription sunglasses? Well, they were a casualty of a slip and fall. I have a big bruise on my left hip this time but made it back ok.
I didn't feel like going to the top after that
even though I was halfway up and that trail was dry. I just wanted to finish the hike around the mountain. 
  Even with my accident it was a lovely day and beautiful hike.
  Then it was in to Rome. Unfortunately I did not have a lot of time to explore. It looked like a really neat town.
  The afternoon that I had some free time it was pouring.
I did drive downtown and saw this crochet-bombed sculpture.
  I did get some stitching on Mary Allen done when I was in Rome.
I have started some of the specialty stitches. There is a house that goes in that open area. I am enjoying working on her.
   So my extra weekend in Georgia was nice. The rental car I had was brand new and comfy(heated seats) and I got to see some wonderful things.
  Then it was on to Cleveland. I did have the chance to meet up with a colleague for dinner.
We went to the Forage Public House in Cleveland. The have all locally sourced ingredients with lots of vegetarian options. This is the pickle assortment of the day and lentil paté.
We also split this smores dessert. Yum!
The rest of this trip I bought my meals from the grocery stores. I am trying to eat better and exercise while I am on the road.
  My event went great yesterday and now   I am just anxious to be home. I am in Nashville now waiting for my next flight.
This is the beautiful sunrise as my flight was taking off from Cleveland. I am thankful to see something so beautiful.
  I have to get on a plane now. Have a wonderful weekend! 




carol fun said...

Love all the photos from your travels! Oh be careful... a bruise and beat up sunglasses means you got off lucky. Wasn't Book of Mormon fun? I'm seeing it for the 2nd time next month. Glad to see you got in a little cross stitching too... it is good for the soul. If you ever get to the Greater Cincinnati area (which include Northern Kentucky) let me know... I'd love to take you to dinner and we have lots of great places to eat around here ... as my waistline can attest to! hugs!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Wow you do get around Chris. Do you go hiking with a group of people or by yourself?
I think you're really adventurous when you travel.
I love the beading gifts, I do miss it but two young cats don't make for easy beading.

Cindy's Stitching said...

Beautiful pictures Chris. you do travel a lot.

Vickie said...

Oh Chris! I am sorry you fell again. And the sunglasses! Rats! Big hugs to you!!

Marilyn said...

More great adventures.
Glad you are ok after your tumble.
The theater is beautiful.
What a gorgeous sunrise.
Thanks for sharing the pics.

Robin in Virginia said...

Chris, what are we going to do with you and your falls? Hope your bruise is healing and your sunglasses can be repaired easily. What an adventure you had with your extra time in Georgia! I hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

diamondc said...

Chris: I do hope your hip is starting to feel better, ouch on your glasses, you always find such great ways to put fun into your work, love all the pictures so beautiful, the food looks yummy but the dessert is what really caught my eye yummy looking is all I can.
I am so happy you like the beaded ornaments, I am working on more for other people, I like doing them.
Your Mary Allen is beautiful.


Margaret said...

I don't know how you do it. All the traveling, and finding great things to do while you're at it. We live an hour from NYC and we haven't seen The Book of Mormon. So bad! Hope your hip is feeling ok after your fall -- what a bummer! Take it easy. Hope you get some nice time at home.

Julie said...

Stunning beadwork from your friend, what a talented crafter.
Lots of lovely pics of your travels this time, you are an adventurer with all the places you see and visit. I do love to read 'Chris's travel guide for those stuck at home' lol
take care x

Barb said...

Great pictures of all your travels. In Atlanta, I think you made lemonade out of lemons! Good going!

Brigitte said...

Great to see new pictures from your travels. And wow, are you getting around. One of the good things is certainly that you get the chance to meet family or fellow stitchers when you visit all these places. And another good thing when you squeeze in a hike. So glad that you didn't get seriously hurt when you had this little accident.
Your current project looks great, just the right size for your travels.

Beth said...

Yikes - your hiking accident sounds scary! We are going to see the Book of Mormon on Wednesday evening - saw in in London in 2013 and enjoyed it very much - so back to see it again. Glad you managed to dodge the worst of the storm.

Carol said...

I love how you always make the most of your time in every city you visit, Chris!! Hope you aren't too sore from that nasty fall... I remember visiting Stone Mountain almost 45 years ago with my family when I was a teenager :) Enjoy your time at home!

Mary said...

I love the fact that you try to explore your surroundings instead of just sitting in your hotel room. Your photos are lovely and I enjoy seeing your cross stitch projects.

Carolyn said...

Hey there! We haven't heard from you for awhile. I hope your okay and doing well. I'm missing all your adventures. I miss your posts. (((Hugs))).

Annette-California said...

Hi Chris! Sending you love and well wishes! Haven't heard from you - Miss you and thinking of you! love Annette
ps I know your stitching and traveling - LOL!

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