Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Holidays

Hello Friends & Folk!
   So Christmas has gone and now we turn to the new year. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of good things.
   Here in North Carolina we had lots of rain.
Ugh! We weathered these storm fine but there were so many who lost homes and cars as these storms moved across the country. 
   I was hoping to hike most days during the holiday break but the rain hasn't allowed that.
Yikes. Rich and I did go out and hike on Sunday when it stopped raining. I fell crossing the stream. Now I have a huge black and blue on my right upper thigh and bruised and skinned knees. 
  Rich and I had a lovely Christmas dinner at my Mom's. 
Then we drove around the Sunset Hills neighborhood in Greensboro to see all the light balls that are hung in the trees.
This picture has the full moon in it too.
  I have a few small finishes to share..
This is Scary from the Lizzie Kate Very Scary Mystery. I have started Spooky.
This is a Bent Creek kit called the Snowman. If you would like this chart I will pass it along. If there are multiple people I will draw a name on Sunday.
  I also received a box of stash Christmas week. I ordered from Needlecraft Corner in Baltimore. They give you an extra discount your birthday month so I make a list...
I bought the Fabric and floss for 2 of the Halloween pieces by With thy Need and Thread. I had picked up the charts at the Attic. I am so excited about these projects.
   Drema at Needlecraft Corner sent a couple of presents along...
The sweet Shepherd's Bush fob which I am using to bling up one of the floss rings that I am using for a current project.
The waxers are a Christmas present. Look at that gingerbread man! Thank you Drema! You made my day. 
  Since I have been home I ordered another box of the meal kits. Rich and I are both enjoying them.
  This week we had...
Winter Risotto
Tuscan Seitan Bolognese.
And Turnip and Pear soup garnished with radishes, pepitas and chives and a dollop of sour cream.
They were all very good. It is fun using different ingredients.
Today I made Quinoa Vegetarian Chili in the crockpot. It was really good. I am so glad that Rich is enjoying these different meals.
   I have been catching up with lots of friends since I have been home. It usually means lunch or dinner out. I am so thankful for the chance to catch up with everyone. Rich used up all of his time off for his surgery so I have been free to do this. 
  I am not sure what our New Years plan is. We have been invited to a friends for a party and we usually do a First Day hike. Not sure where we'll hike. There are lots of parks hosting group hikes.
   So I think that we are caught up.
Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year and all the best in 2016!



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Marilyn said...

We had a lot of rain here in WI also, but Monday we were dumped with 10" of snow when the weather turned cold.
Nice stash collection!
Oh, all of those meals look delicious.
Sometimes it's nice to try something different.
Wishing you a healthy, happy New Year.

CathieJ said...

It has been cloudy for almost two weeks here on Long Island, but we haven't had much rain. We could really use a little. So sorry you fell. I hope you heal quickly. I love what you chose for your stash. You have some great projects to look forward to.

Vickie said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about your fall Chris.
Glad you had time to catch up with your friends.
Yummy dishes. :)
Happy New Year to you two!

KimM said...

Oh my - hope the bruise goes away soon - and what YUMMY food! AUGH! Wish it was HERE!!!

cucki said...

My dear I hope you feel better soon...
Yummy food and sweet stash...
Happy new year deary
Love you x

Robin in Virginia said...

Chris, sorry to hear you fell on your hike. Hope the bruises mend quickly. The Christmas lights and full moon picture you shared is incredible. Glad you enjoyed another box of meals and are enjoying your holiday time. Wishing you and Rich a very healthy and happy New Year.

Suzanne Harkinson said...

I love reading your blog with all the interesting places you go and food you cook/eat. I would love a chance to have the snowman/penguin chart. My niece has a snowman collection and my daughter loves penguins. I can stitch the chart twice next year! Happy New Year!

Diana said...

Sorry to hear about your fall. That's some great stash you got.
I would like a chance to win the snowman chart, My granddaughter loves penguins so I would like to stitch it for her.

Penny said...

I'm sorry about your fall, Chris! Love your finishes ~ especially the little snowman and penguin! Love the stash too!! And why am I always hungry after reading your blog? :) Wishing you and Rich all the best in 2016!

Julie said...

I hope your fall doesn't hinder the new years day hike.
Great new goodies and doesn't the food look delicious.
Wishing you both a wonderful 2016 xx

Margaret said...

Sorry you fell during your hike. Ouch! Love your stitching finishes! Remind me of what this company is that does the food again? I think that Quinoa Veggie Chili has pushed me over the edge! lol! Happy New Year!

Barb said...

You are planning lots of great stitching. We have had lots of rain here too. Now it is very cold and sunny. It's nice to see the sun but I don't like the very cold temps. I have lots of little green shoots in my garden and I worry about them when we get this cold.

Brigitte said...

We've heard about all the flooding in some parts of the US on TV. There must be places where it's really bad and people have lost their homes. Glad to read that it is not that bad where you live.
Sorry to hear about your fall. I hope the bruises are healing soon.
Very nice stitching projects that you finished. And your new stash haul from Needlecraft Corner looks gorgeous. I used to order from them a lot, and I also used their birthday month discount more than once. They have great customer service. But since my customs office gave me regular troubles when I received something from overseas I stopped ordering from the US.
These meals look so delicious. I wish there was something like that here, too.
Happy New Year to you and Rich!

Andrea said...

Sorry to hear about your fall, hoping your bruises go quickly. Lovely stitching. Great new stash haul.

Happy 2016.

geeky Heather said...

I'm way behind on blog reading, but I had to tell you that I know who made those waxers...I will let you guess!! =) Hint: not me, but I got done for Christmas, too!!