Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Goodbye September

Another month.... Gone. Flying by. I love this time of year... I love the weather, I am looking forward to vacation...
This year is different. I am not looking forward to the shorter days. Traveling in the winter stinks...bad weather... You just end up going back to your hotel room.
We have also had rain for the last 5 days and we are going to get hit again.
Rich and I cancelled the planned vacation due to his surgery. 
  Rich is doing much better. Thank you all for the concern and well wishes. He will return to work on the 12th. He has had time to catch up with some friends while home.
We had a nice dinner with his friend Pat. He is building a new home, he cooked the steaks and I brought a salad, plates, silverware, etc. 
  I had one extended trip. The first stop was in Vancouver, WA.
I got a hike in at Ecola State Park.
And then walked on Cannon Beach.
I did make it to Acorns & Threads open house. The place was packed! It is such a great store.
  Work then took me to Ohio.
I did get a walk in at Cuyahoga National Park.
I was there over the weekend and participated in a Rally for Revovery walk in Warren, OH with staff from the site and center. 
On Sunday I went to the Cleveland Art Museum and saw some amazing things.
So beautiful!
So nice to see some of this work in person.
Some amazing tapestries. This museum is  a must if you visit Cleveland.
 Other than that I have been working at home and I have been stitching.
Here is some progress on Mary Allen. I blame the bad photo on lighting in the hotel that I was in.
Another Bent Creek project. This is what I stitch on while flying. I would like to finish this up so that I can work on a Halloween one that is lingering in my stash.
I am closing in on this finish of Very Scary by Lizzie Kate. I have a couple of bands below that satin stitched grass and then I need to satin stitch the border. I hope to finish it this month. After that I will probably stitch some ornaments for a handmade exchange. There are just not enough hours in the day!
Lots of orts so far this year. My jar immediately steamed up from the humidity when I took it outside to take this pic.
   I did catch up with Myra. We had a lovely lunch to celebrate her birthday. She gifted me with some amazing Carmel pear butter that she made, a trivet, t shirt and these guys...
They make me smile!
  So that is it from here. Sorry for my gloominess, I have really been struggling with my mood the last couple of month.I definitely need to shake it off!! Come on October! Let's have some fun!

P.S. These are amazing!


marly said...

Warren, Ohio! I know where the Eastwood Mall is in Niles, close to Warren Lots of people having a mood slump lately and with all you've been through, it's understandable. Did not try the M&M's - am afraid of what will happen.

Beth said...

You were in Portland, Oregon - I love Acorns and Threads but only make it to the store every couple of years.

Marilyn said...

I bet visiting Acorns & Threads was fun, great stash.
The stitched pieces from the Museum are amazing.
Great progress on your WIPS.
I'll have to try the M&M's soon.

Vickie said...

You have been walking in some very pretty places Chris.
So glad you and Myra were able to catch up. Good for you both.

Robin said...

Hi Chris! What a wonderful post and I truly enjoy reading about your adventures and seeing the sights through your lens. Very good progress on your WIPs. Glad to hear that Rich is doing better! Stay warm and dry in the coming storm.

Robin in Virginia

Carol said...

So good to catch up with you, Chris, and read that Rich is doing well. I can totally understand how much you must hate winter traveling with all the delays, etc. due to icy/snowy weather. I hate to even walk out to get my mail at the end of our driveway in the winter :)

Nice to see what you're working on and I'm so happy you any Myra got to get together for her birthday! Hope October is a better month for you (and me!).

Brigitte said...

So good to read that Rich is doing a lot better and is recovering well from his surgery. But I can understand that you are sometimes in a gloomy mood when thinking of all the travelling in winter. BUt there is still a whole month that certainly brings bright and sunny days and lots of colours that you can enjoy.
I was enjoying all the pictures again, great national parks that you were able to visit during your travels last month. And great stitching that you were doing. Very Scary seems to be finished very soon - a wonderful piece.

Margaret said...

Glad to hear Rich is doing well. Loved seeing pics from your trips as always. Hope you get some restful days at home with Rich too. Beautiful stitching!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Glad your hubby is doing well. The photos of your travels are lovely.
Very Scary is such a great design and you're so close to the end now!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Glad DH is doing better. I know what you mean about a gloomy mood. I think it's the change in daylight. I swear I feel this way every year at this time too. Glad you were able to get a hike in and do some stitching. Have a great vacation!

Julie said...

I hope October is a brighter month for you and you are soon feeling much happier.
Great places you have been to, such lovely sewing you captured in your pictures there.
Lovely stitching you have accomplished yourself too.
{hugs} x

diamondc said...

Chris: Beautiful post with great news about Rich, I am so happy for him, prayers do work.
Its nice to hear he is heading back to work.
Love your stitching projects, Very Scary looks so good, Mary Allen is so pretty.