Friday, January 2, 2015

Travel Recap 2014

Dear Friends,
    Here are some of my travels in 2014. This is a very picture heavy post. I am going to try and provide links for many of the places that I visited. I hope that you enjoy!
January 2014-Middleton Place.  Charleston, SC
January 2014 St. Phillips Church Charleston, SC
March 2014 Skyline Roanoke, VA
March 2014 McAfee's Knob Hike Appalachian Trail near Blacksburg, VA
April 2014 Greenwood, SC
May 2014 Lake Charles, LA flash flood
 June 2014 McKinley National Monument & Museum Canton, OH
June 2014 Fredericksburg Battlefield Fredericksburg, VA

 July 2014 Ft. Walton Beach, FL
                                                    July 2014 New Oreans, LA
                     July 2014 Newton, KS                            
 July 2014 Keeper of the Plains Wichita, KS
July 2014 Salt Mine Tour Hutchinson, KS 
 July 2014 The Constitution, Old Ironsides, Boston, MA
 July 2014 The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, MA
 July 2014 Salem, MA
 August 2014 Weaverville, NC
 September 2014 Comerica Park Detroit, MI
 September 2014 Zehnders, Frankenmuth, MI

 September 2014 The Detroit Institute of Art, Detroit, MI
 September 2014 The Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame Cleveland, OH
 October 2014 Ozette Triangle Hike Cape Alva, WA
 October 2014 Hoh Rainforest Olympic National Park, WA
 October 2014 La Push, WA
October 2014 Seattle, WA
 October 2014 Pike Place Market Seattle, WA
 October 2014 The Space Needle Seattle, WA
 October 2014 Mount Rainier, WA
 October 2014 Mt. Rainier, WA
 October 2014 Brown & Haley Tacoma, WA
 October 2014 Tacoma Narrow Bridge Tacoma, WA
 October 2014 Fort Nisqually Tacoma, WA

November 2014 Shatila Bakery Dearborn, MI

There were other stops that I have missed on this recap. I saw many wonderful things this year. I try to explore where ever I go. It makes the grind of business travel easier. 

What will 2015 bring? Right now on my travel schedule I am going to El Paso, TX and St. Cloud, MN and back to Florida and Kansas.  Rich and I are starting to think about vacations in 2015. 

What was your favorite place that you visited in 2014?

Here is to a year full of adventures!

Thanks for traveling with me!



Ann at Beadlework. said...

It's always good to join you on your travels Chris. I hope 2015 takes you safely to many new and exciting places.

Vickie said...

Whew!Wowie! MY favorite?! Well, that would be our ONLY place of travel this last year! ha! South Dakota.

Angie said...

Beautiful photos! A new favorite place to visit in 2014 was Montana. I'm from Europe and go 'home' at least every second year but trying to see as many states as I can in this lovely country:) Safe travels, Chris!

Ellen said...

Wow, Chris...I knew you had traveled a lot last year but I didn't realize it was to so many places.

A trip I highly recommend is is driving the northern California and Oregon coast. The scenery was spectacular. We enjoyed the trip so much that we hope to repeat it peraps as soon as this year.

Margaret said...

What fun to see all the places you went. You are going to become a very well travelled person! We didn't go to many places -- just Cincinnati and Maine. And Boston, of course. Always love Boston. :D And NYC!

Cindy's Stitching said...

Awesome places. you did a lot. Happy New Year.

Ruth said...

My Heavens you got around! Love the images.... possibly my favorite was the Almond Roca :) I hope your 2015 travels will bring you much happiness.

Me, 2014, hmmmm, probably my traditional DC Spring and Christmas trips. It's all about the family. :)

Robin said...

Loved the photo journey you took us on, Chris! Other than my Mom and I heading to Williamsburg, we didn't stray far from home.

Robin in Virginia

butterfly said...

Wow Chris you have seen some beautiful places.
We use to travel allot but now seem to be a stay home bird at the moment , but we are remodelling the house and it's taking a long time ha .
Happy New Year .

Meari said...

A great recap.

Happy 2015!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. If you get near Orlando this year, give a yell.

Happy travels!

Melody said...

Wow what a year of travels! It's great you get to do some exploring on your business trips. You have been to some very interesting places.

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Wow, awesome photos! You went to so many places, and they all look so interesting. I went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year, too, and enjoyed it immensely.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Beautiful photos--glad you have found a way to make work/travel interesting and an adventure

Carol said...

Such beautiful photos, Chris--I'm glad you're getting to see so many parts of our amazing country. I know it must be tiring, too, but when you look back on your travel year, you should feel so lucky that you've had all this wonderful travel experience and seen all these interesting locales!

Happy 2015 to you :)

Julie said...

I love seeing where you are visiting, thanks for telling time to share your adventures.

diamondc said...

Happy Newyear Chris: How wonderful that you can take a little tour on your work travels.
Love the pictures, thank-you for sharing.


Brigitte said...

What a gerat way to wrap up the year. You have been to many great placs in your country and these pictures are marvellous. Thanks for sharing them with us. I was thoroughly enjoying every single one and the link that you gave with it.

Anna van Schurman said...

Great photos of some perhaps unwanted travel. We have to make the best of things, right?

Beth said...

Oh the pkaces you've been!