Thursday, May 8, 2014


How had your week been? Things seem so hectic here. Why does it seem so hard right now to juggle everything? I have not had time to stitch though there has been a little gathering of materials for the By The Bay SAL.

The new Finkel catalog arrived in my mailbox. So many lovely samplers inside.
This is what my black eye looked like yesterday. I work at a behavioral health clinic and our customers were very curious about it. It is feeling better. The bruises are just uglier. I still am upset about my glasses. I have ordered a new pair and I am waiting for them to arrive.
I don't know if you can see the glasses that well in this pic. This is Rich and I in our truck at the rally. See the waterline on the door of the truck? 
The link above is another little video that I made up from the rally.
  Things are blooming here in NC. Everyday I take time to look around since something new seems to be blooming.
   Yesterday after work I stopped to visit one of the nurses that I work with that had surgery a week ago.
I got to meet Clover. 
Silly goat!
  So the rest of the week will be busy. I am working Friday and Saturday at the other jobs. My Mom's birthday is Friday and then of course it is Mother's Day. On Monday I have a house guest for 2 nights so I need to get some extra housework done. The end of next week I am headed up to PA for some sampler lectures.
  The following week I have the same house guest for 2 nights. Rich is leaving going to CT for a long holiday weekend.
And then at work they have been asking me to got to Louisiana to help at a location. you think that there is any stitching in my future?

Well thank you for visiting this mashed up post... Trucks, samplers, goats....!?!?
I also appreciate all of your kind comments.

Hugs and put some stitches in for me!



Julie said...

A lovely pic of you and Rich.
What a lot of trucks, my DS would have loved to see them.
With working in the pharmacy you could get something to bring the bruising out!
Sounds like you are going to be busy in May.

Shirlee said...

I agree with Julie ... lovely photo of you & Rich : ) Hope your bruising fades away soon!

Vickie said...

Busy, busy times. You have pretty blooms.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh that bruise looks like it hurts! I'm sure you are getting lots of questions and stares. I hate when that happens. Hang in there dear one! Things just *have* to get better. Hugs!

Sally said...

Love the photo of you and Rich.

Your eye looks nasty. Hope your bruises fade soon.

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Golly, that is exhausting reading all of that busy-ness :) I was sorry to read about your eye, and see the bruises. :( Better soon, I hope!
And some stitching soon, I hope too! Having just gotten done with a lot of work and related things, I understand how stitching gets left to the side even though I yearned to pick it up!

Dani - tkdchick said...

So sorry to hear about your eye!!! You must feel so self conscience about it!!!

I look forward to seeing that new sampler when you have a chance to get it started!

cucki said...

I hope your bruising fades away soon!
Sweet photos..
Big hugs x

Cole said...

Busy, busy! I hope you can find some quiet time for yourself soon!

That was quite a spill you took, I hope you heal quickly!

marly said...

It's looking better but I'll bet those bruises are pretty darn sore. I love goats! Nice photos. Sounds like spring will be long over before you have time to sit and enjoy it!

Beth said...

Busy, busy busy! I know just how annoying it is to nit have your 'best' glasses at hand. Hope the bruises fade away and you enjoy all your company and activities...and work in a little stitching too.

Margaret said...

It's so hard when your glasses get broken. Especially if you love them. Of course, for me, I can't see a thing without mine. Hope the bruising disappears quickly. Sorry you're so busy. I have to write for a Finkel catalog. Lovely flowers!

Rowyn said...

I love your Peony and Iris. Just gorgeous!

You sure sound like a busy lady. Hope you manage to get some stitching time in there somewhere.

Kaisievic said...

You are busy, Chris. Good luck with it all. I do hope that you get some stitching in but I will do a few for you.
hugs, Kaye

Cindy's Stitching said...

you really got a bump there. I like all the pictures. The goat is so cute. Eventually you will get some stitching in.

Barb said...

Wow! You surly have been busy. And your poor eye. I hope things settle down quickly and you do get some time to stitch.

Brigitte said...

Oh my, Chris, your eye is not looking good. But I hope that you will soon be recovered from your fall. And that your new glasses will soon arrive.
You definitely sound busy, very busy. I hope that you will find some stitching time in between all your committments.
Wonderful flower pictures. And such a pretty picture of you and Rich.

stitchersanon said...

Oh my goodness, you really fell hard didnt you? I hope the bruising fades soon. I'm always breaking glasses..usually by sitting on them so hope you get to love your new ones as much soon. xxxx Love the piccies (well, not the bruised one; I feel your pain!) xx

Vera said...

YIkes Chris! Just catching up on some blogs at a campground office -- so sorry about your trip. HOpe you are feeling better. Take care of YOU!! (No visit to SL - Marsha is overseas for the month...probably a good thing savings-wise:))

Mugwump Woolies said...

Ouch! So sorry about your booboo and your glasses. Hope by now you are back to your non-purple self! Your flowers are gorgeous! Sounds as is you will be very busy in the coming weeks...have fun!

Carol said...

Oh, that poor eye, Chris! I'm so sorry about your glasses, too. I know how expensive they are--I keep putting off purchasing new ones, but I have to give in soon. Apparently, I've developed astigmatism in my left eye after all these years--weird!

Lovely flowers and funny goats! Hope your mom had a great birthday yesterday--my mom's is on Wednesday. Enjoy your Sunday :)

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww...Clover is adorable. I have a thing for goats!

I'll post my fav. goat picture on my blog. Goats in our neighborhood have quite a personality. LOL