Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Writing This Week Off

Good Morning Friends.
Thanks for all the well wishes. The flu is still kicking my butt. The coughing is the problem, I am not getting much rest. I did get a good 5 hours straight last night, so I am taking that as a sign of improvement. I will try lying down again in a little bit. Most of my time is spent sitting up and being still.

Here is Marietta Stebbins. That rectangle has to be filled in with over one stitching...boring!

I have made a little progress. Then I pulled this out of the basket. It was already started. It is a 2003 freebie design from Little House Needleworks. So it still counts as stash stitching. This is what it looked liked when I pulled it out of the bag.

I will work on Marietta some more today.
So do you have milk & bread? The south is bracing for storm Pax. The bad weather is supposed to arrive soon. I guess people stay home and make French toast. I would rather have soup. All kidding aside, stay safe and warm and don't go out if you can help it. The Northeast is getting hit again too. Ugh.

I am reading this. It is like spending time with a comfortable old friend.

I am looking forward to seeing all the new releases from the Nashville market. I hope that it is a great success for all if the designers.

Happy Hump Day!

P.S. Rich might be coming down with the flu too :(

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Vickie said...

Oh no! Poor Rich. Poor you. Rest, rest, rest. ♥

Margaret said...

Oh gosh, both of you sick? Ugh. Stay warm and safe and feel better! I want to read that book too.

Natasha said...

Being sick yourself is the pits but add a sick hubby :( Hopefully ya'll are back on the mend very soon.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better.

I guess one of the problems with marriage is that we don't just share the good things....we share GERMS too. Hope Rich can head it off at the pass.

I just bought that Anna Quindlen book the other day. I've enjoyed her previous books.

Take care and stay safe from the storm.

Anonymous said...

I do hope you start to feel better soon. I had that same cough for two weeks. It didn't matter which way I sat or laid down. Glad it is gone and you will be too. Now I am recovering from Gallbladder removal. I had it removed last Wednesday. I am much better this week. :)

Your stitching looks great and a little is better then none. Sorry to hear about Rich. I will keep you both in my prayers that this flu bug gets away from you both soon. (((hugs)))

Julie said...

Oh no .... stay warm and cost both of you. I hope you are soon feeling much better.
Nice stitching progress and a lovely book you've been reading.

Loraine said...

I am so sorry to hear you are sick.
Be careful it doesn't turn into walking pneumonia. It is really going around, and I had it last year. It was the sickest I have ever been, and it came on pretty fast. Prayers going your way for a quick recovery!
I love Marietta! That over one stitching can be a real pain. I hope you can feel well enough to finish her up!
Congrats on finishing Tribute to Summer. I love it!
Take Care.

Melissa said...

Oh yuck, both of you sick? Not much fun. However, the dreaded weather forecast, which I heard all the way up here, is conducive to staying inside and resting. At least you have your stitching, your reading, and internet & TV access!

Hope you feel better soon!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Having the flu just isn't funny Chris, I hope you feel much better soon. I'm looking forward to seeing the new releases as well, not that I need to buy anything but it's always good to anticipate what your favourite designers will release.

Krista said...

Hi Chris, Hope you are doing better every day. I just read her book, Blessings, which I enjoyed. Will have to try this one too. One way you can stop your cough, which I used when I was so sick last month, and I found it really works... seems crazy but it did work! Take Vicks Vaporub (or generic of) and rub all over soles of your feet, cover your feet with socks so it doesn't get on everything, and it will stop your cough! Takes about 5-10 minutes, but I fell asleep soundly each time. I know, Strange!

butterfly said...

Get well soon, hugs

Cath said...

Hope you start to improve soon. Stay in where you are warm and safe.
We have very strong winds at the moment. Not pleasant at all, but we are far better off than some.
Take care .xxx

Myra said...

Oh no! I hate that you have the flu. Take care of yourself and feel better. Pretty stitching as always. I had a tough time getting home today...the roads are horrible so don't try to go anywhere. I have Taco Soup in the crock pot and praying we don't lose power.

Susan said...

Glad you're on the mend. Several people on the train have had this flu and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I miss it. I'm all ready for the storm and hoping that they are wrong about the freezing rain on top of the snow. Very pretty stitching. Take care of yourself.

Meari said...

Hope things continue to get better for you, Chris.

Barb said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear about Rich getting the flu too. If the weather is as bad as predicted just stay home and get well! Your stitching is looking great!

Jackie said...

It definitely sounds like you're still feeling pretty badly. We don't have recliners anymore but I've always thought they were the best thing to sleep in when sick. I hope Rich manages to avoid catching it!

Brigitte said...

This nasty flu bug is getting around, it seems. I hope that you will soon be on the mend. Rest a lot and take it easy! And just a little bit of stitching in between will help to cheer you up a bit.

Brigitte said...

I love the books of Anna Quindlen very much, too.