Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Random Stuff From The Past Week

Good Morning.
Here in NC we are expecting some freezing rain this morning. I hope that this weather system does not impact your Thanksgiving plans in the Northeast. Wishing everyone safe travels over the next couple of days.
So here we go...

Here is my progress on Stacy Nash's summer tribute sampler. A little more on the border and a few more leaves in the middle. I love this and just need to spend more than 45 minutes twice a week working on this.

I received this fabulous chart from Carol over at Stitching Dreams. I am tempted to pull the threads and stitch it this upcoming weekend.

I tried a few new recipes this week. I think that I needed more salt for my avocado.

This is pumpkin cheesy pasta from the skinny taste blog. I liked it. It had a pretty mild flavor and I will probably make it again.

Rich and I keep different bars around for snacks or part of a meal for me when I am going between jobs. I have not tried the holiday flavored Clif bar yet but I am looking forward to it. The bar on the right cam from Aldi and I think it was 89¢. It was the same as this flavor Clif bar just cheaper..woohoo.
So what are your plans for the holiday? I was hoping to go to Richmond for the weekend like we did last year but a few things have come up so we will try to go towards the end of December.
I have my shopping dine and everything ready for the dish that I have to make.
Rich & I are going to try to knock out the Christmas cards, we send about 100 out every year. I also need to do some dusting so I will probably put some lights up on my mantle and decorate it. I need to go through my closet. Since we are home there will be at least one Zumba class, maybe some yoga ad a hike. I want to make a pot of minestrone. Maybe see a movie and of course stitch.
I will not shop Thanksgiving Day! I worked retail for many years and I hate the fact that more and more retailers are opening Thanksgiving Day. I know that the managers have it so bad. There is so much more expected with less help. If you are out shopping this weekend. Please be kind and patient with any retail personnel that you encounter.
Ok, stepping down from my soapbox and leaving you with this frosty pic that I took yesterday morning.

This is the fountain next to the library in Asheboro. The building that you see is the Randolph County Courthouse.

Have a great Tuesday!!

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Vickie said...

Good Morning Chris! That sampler is looking better all the time. =)
We will go to my mom's this year.
It is icy and snowy here.

Margaret said...

Love that stitching of yours! The pumpkin cheesy pasta looks delicious! No way am I shopping on Thanksgiving. I like your soapbox -- hope people are kind. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Dani - tkdchick said...

I love the recepies from Skinnytaste though I do find some of them the flavour needs a little bump. I'll add different or more spices or onions/garlic.

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Love how your sampler is coming along and the Give Thanks chart is really cute! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
Your stitching looks great. The chart Carol sent you looks like a quick and fun stitch.

Yummy looking food. I have never tried the clif bar or the other one.

We will be staying home for the holiday. I have never shopped on a black Friday and never will. I will never shop on Thanksgiving and never have. Most times sales go on all year long on the items people think they NEED on SPECIAL days.

Enjoy your Zumba class. I recently joined a gym/health club. The weather here cools off enough that I don't like riding my bike in the cold months. Now I have no excuse.

Nice picture. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great week! Happy Turkey Day!

Krista said...

Love your stitching, it is such a pretty sampler! Hope the weather does not cause you troubles either. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Carol said...

We're getting snow and rain here today, Chris, but the heavier snow and ice are due after midnight. I'm so worried that my son won't be able to get here from DC tomorrow...

Totally agree with you on not shopping on Thanksgiving! I work with the public myself so I'm always extra nice to retail and restaurant staff--it's a tough and often thankless job!

Hope you enjoy stitching the chart as much as I did!

Beth said...

Stitch it Chris! Stitch it! It's a darned cute turkey. I'm with you, shopping is NOT what Thanksgiving is all about.

Catherine said...

Great stitches!! I love your soapbox ~ never have and never will shop on Thanksgiving and I don't do the mad Black Friday rush either....my sanity is worth more than that! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Annette-California said...

Oh your sampler is looking more beautiful. Love seeing your progress. I did some shopping today to avoid the weekend crowd. We are going to my grandmothers house for Thanksgiving. I am cooking a turkey right now:) Good thing too because my Aunt called tonight and asked if she could use my oven on the big day. Nannies stove is not hooked up for her own safety (she's 100 yrs old and still lives in her home). Happy thanksgiving to you. love Annette

Brigitte said...

Hmm, stitching a summer related project in autumn/ early winter is not such a bad idea. Nice progress on it. I think I should pull out a summer project as well because it's snowy and cold over here.
Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Angela K said...

Beautiful sampler and nice meal. I hope your plans will accomplish :) OMG 100 Xmas Cards? :)

Simply Victoria said...

Sounds like some good plans for the weekend. I'm with you - no shopping on Thanksgiving Day.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Shirlee said...

Your plans sound great my friend! John & I will have a quiet holiday, as per usual.

cucki said...

Sound like very good plans...
Happy thanksgiving dear..
Big hugs x

Kaisievic said...

Have some fun!