Friday, October 11, 2013

More Tucson & Heading back to Phoenix

Ahoy Friends!
After checking out of our hotel in Tucson we headed up the road to the Sonoran Desert Museum. Since Saguaro National Park was closed this was our next choice and it was great!
There are animal exhibits. This mountain lion was fishing. His paws were huge!

The Prairie Dogs were fun to watch.

Lots of frogs...

The park staff were pulling down this saguaro cactus. It had a fungus and was rotting at the base. The cactus can weigh up to 10 tons! They only put out arms when they are 70 to 90 years old.

The museum also had a wonderful mineral exhibit showing all the different gems and precious metals that are mined in AZ.
My favorite exhibit was the hummingbird house. They were everywhere!

There were at least 6 different types that we saw.

Amazing creatures!
After we left the museum to head back up the road to the Phoenix area. Can you see the dust? It was very windy and the dust continued to fill the air throughout the day.

We were driving down the highway and saw a sign for Picacho Peak State Park.

So we stopped.

Then we started climbing up. Since it was late in the day we did not have the time to go to the top. It was very steep. See the little white signs?

This is where we hiked to. The peak in front of me is the smaller of the 2. I really like this pic.

So then it was back down and in the car to finish our drive.
After checking into the hotel we went for dinner at the Cornish Pasty Company. What a great meal. I had potato, leek and Stilton soup to start and then a traditional pasty.

Or meat pie. Sorry for the dark pics.

For dessert Rich and I split this piece of Banoffee pie. Yum! And this was an inexpensive meal too.

Another great day! Arizona you are not letting me down!

Thanks for traveling with me.


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Catherine said...

It has been so fun following your adventures!

Barb said...

A great trip!Very interesting. I think we need to visit my SIL next winter!

marly said...

Geez. When you hike, you hike!

Beth said...

Super fun day! Love the animal and hummingbird pictures.

cucki said...

Aww super fun the pictures
Hugs x

diamondc said...

Chris: It is 06:00 in the a.m. we just came back from a walk run (I did the walk Mike did the run) for an old 62 year old man a mile and a half in 14:14 is pretty good.
We love to hike and go for walks together.
Thank-you for taking us all along for your vacation here in blogland, the food looks wonderful and the pics are so amazing.
Catherine I

Shirlee said...


Margaret said...

Fantastic! The food looks delicious!

Vickie said...

Very beautiful! Have more fun!

Julie said...

The silhouette of you in front of the peak is an amazing picture.