Friday, October 5, 2012

Some Stash & Some Exploring

Greetings from Portland!
Another beautiful day here in the Northwest. It has been the most beautiful week, no rain and no humidity. Just clear blue skies.
This morning started out slowly. Rich and I headed over to the Alberta neighborhood to have breakfast at Helser's on Alberta. What a lovely place for breakfast.

I had biscuits with mushroom gravy and eggs on top and Rich had a Louisiana breakfast with spicy sausage and egg. Yum!
Then we spent quite a bit of time walking up and down Alberta checking things out. There are lots of restaurants, small stores and food trucks.

I like these permanent flags they have on the lampposts.

And all the garbage cans are made out of pieces of street signs.

I think the holes in the top are so you can just sit your empty cans there if people want to collect them for the deposits.

I bought some fun fabric for finishing at a store called Bolt. They are a great addition to my finishing stash.
For lunch Rich and I weren't hungry but we wanted to try this local place's ice cream..

I had one of the best ice creams ever. It was Pear wit Blue cheese. I know, it sounds weird but by oh boy!
After that we headed up the road to Multnomah Falls. I am glad that I didn't skip this one!

It was lovely.

We also saw this waterfall...

And this one. Gorgeous! There are soapy parks and hiking trails along the gorge.
Rich and I headed back to the hotel after the waterfalls but first I had to stop one lay time at Acorns & Threads to see if there was something that I just had to have. There was...

New stuff and fibers. I will check my linen supply at home to stitch these.
So, the day was not over yet. We went to the Mission Theater to hear some live music. Portland has these theaters where they show movies or have music and you can order your food and enjoy the show.

We had a nice time. The bands were entertaining.
Since we were down town we had to drop in for a last donut. Yum!
Well, I can't keep my eyes open.
Good night and sweet dreams!

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Siobhán said...

I am soooo enjoying going along on this trip with you, Chris! Portland seems so neat. I always tell DH that we should have moved (if we moved at all) to the Pacific NW. It seems so pretty there. Love the new stash, both for finishing and stitching. I am still puzzling over the ice cream with pear and blue cheese, though! LOL

Karoline said...

I've been really enjoying reading about your trip, I'd love to visit Portland.

Christina said...

I love the rubbish bin idea with the can rest on top. My parents are forever rummaging in bins to collect cans for our local church!
Love your new backing fabric. Looking forward to seeing a few finishes with it! ;0)
Pear and blue cheese???! Hmmm, I will have to take your word for it. I don't think it's a flavour I would've chosen!

Krista said...

Looks like such a lovely place, I am enjoying your pics and hope I can visit there sometime. Awesome new stash and fabrics!

Ellen said...


I'm really enjoying your trip. I think we need to get back to Portland...we certainly didn't spend as much time there as we should have.

Make sure you get to Powells Books. You've never seen so many books. I found some good needlework books to add to my library.

Cath said...

Great pics . I'm loving your travel news . Makes me want to come with you ,lol .X

Cindy's Stitching said...

how nice. sounds like you are enjoying your time there. Pictures are great.

Loraine said...

It looks so fun! I love the waterfalls, and I'm glad you didn't skip them either. Stunning!
If you are around Portland area, you should visit a fabulous quilt store called, Holly Hill Quilt Shoppe. They were closed for redecorating over Labor day, when I was there, but it looked amazing from the windows. Here is a link,
Enjoy your travels!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

What beautiful waterfalls, the first one looks quite dramatic.

Catherine said...

I may just have to talk to the family about one day taking a trip out to Portland! Thanks s much for sharing your trip with us!

Meari said...

The falls are beautiful. Nice stashing!