Monday, October 15, 2012

October TUSAL

The leaves are probably just at peak here. I hope that you can see a little bit of color in the background.
I have been working on a fall exchange piece so I have not had much stitching to show.

I made a little more progress on Snowden on the flight home.
I have been busy with work, trying to unbury my desk and just get back into a normal routine.
Thanks for all your kind comments. I hope to catch up on them soon and on my blog reading.

Have a great week!

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Nicola said...

I adore your TUSAL jar.

Barb said...

It just takes awhile to get back in the groove. I hope you have a little time to enjoy the beautiful fall colors!

butterfly said...

Nice jar,
Chris I love the colour of your material you are stitching on I have never seen this lovely colour, do you know what it is called ,hugs .

cucki said...

Lovely Orts xxx

Shirlee said...

Looking forward to seeing Snowden come to life : )

Vickie said...

Good luck to you at digging out of the mess at work. =)

Meari said...

I love how you used the fall background for your TUSAL.

Nice progress on your WIP.

Good luck getting caught up. Fun, isn't it? ;-)

Carol said...

The leaves have been especially beautiful this year, don't you think, Chris? Your little WIP is very cute... And best of luck getting caught up after being away...I'm feeling the same way!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sure I've said it before but I love your ort jar!!!

Sally said...

We're waiting for the leaves to turn a little more then going out with the cameras. Mine isn't as good as DH's our youngest DD's but it takes some pretty nice photos.

Nice progress on Snowden