Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lovely Colors

Here is my progress on the By The Bay SAL. I am loving these colors. The orange and that blue. Yum!
Is everyone ready for Sandy? Please be safe. I think that everyone has been getting ready so hopefully everyone will ride it out ok. Here we have had some wind and clouds, just a little unsettled but no rain.
Rich and I went out for a short walk in Franklinville today. We have wanted to check out a trail there.

In the parking lot was this. A plaque about a Revolutionary War incident involving David Fanning. He was a Tory that caused lots of problems in this area and some of the movie The Patriot was based on his actions.

Across the parking lot were these mill ruins.

I think the hunters can see me.

Happy birds..

Did anyone in the US watch 60 minutes? Did you see the segment on Asheboro?

That is about it for now. I have to get ready for the week.

Be safe Friends!

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Anne said...

I hope everyone will be okay too. Love those colours in that SAL!! Nice photos!!

Margaret said...

Your By the Bay piece looks great. Here's hoping everyone (including us!) stays safe from the storm.

Myra said...

Your BTB piece is looking good Chris. Yep, I think the hunters could see you. LOL I missed 60 minutes - what did they have to say about Asheboro?

Nicola said...

The colours are gorgeous.

butterfly said...

Love your SAL and beautiful photo's hugs.

Annette-California said...

Oh yes your Fall Sal is looking so pretty. This is a fun one. And I see your leaving empty spaces for the Rhodes stitch? Its gonna be lovely when all done:)
love Annette

Shirlee said...

Lovely photos all around : )

Carol said...

Oh, I do love those blue and orange shades in your By the Bay piece, Chris! Looks like a lovely walk--glad Sandy passed over you without problems. I'm just praying that high winds and rain are all we get here--a power outage this time of year would be tough to deal with!

cucki said...

love your sal..
big hugs xxx

Siobhán said...

Lovely stitching!! I hope Sandy passes you by without any property damage. My mom is visiting from Delaware and freaking out. :(

Catherine said...

More cute stitches!
You have the most wonderful places to walk and visit. Love those ruins ~ I would have taken a ton of pics, I'm sure.