Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A New Start & The Spruce Goose

Hello & Happy Tuesday!
This morning Rich and I headed over to McMinnville, OR to the Evergreen Air & Space Museum. The drive took us through some small towns where we saw signs for pick your own kiwi fruit, fields of blueberry bushes, signs for hazelnuts and lots of wineries. I would love to have had time to explore some of the farms but we were there to see this...

I can't get a picture of the whole this because it is so massive. Howard Hugh's Spruce Goose. Amazing!!!


This is one amazing museum. Their collection is fabulous and they are always changing things.
They have an IMAX theater and also a space exhibit building.

Here are some helicopters.

Needless to say, we were here all day. Rich had a great time. The weather was perfect so I sat outside and did some stitching on this guy...

I think he will be my ornament for the Christmas All Year Long SAL. This month the theme is snowman. I hope that I don't lose the buttons.
Speaking of weather, I can't believe how perfect it has been. Clear and beautiful. It is such a pleasure to be outside, there seems to be no humidity and no bugs pestering you.
After the museum we headed to downtown McMinnville and had dinner at a rooftop bar on top of the Oregon Hotel.

Lovely view.

Pretty sunset.

On the drive back to Portland we saw the biggest harvest moon that I think I have ever seen. It was incredible. I love fall.
Have a great night, I am off to bed! Big plans tomorrow!

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cucki said...

Wow love to see the helicopters ..lovely photos
Stunning view :)
Enjoy your stitching xxx

butterfly said...

More great photo's love them all.
Also love your snowman so cute.Hugs.

Elaine said...

Another great trip, thanks Chris. Oh my another adorable snowman!!

Brigitte said...

Hmmm, I think, I would have sat outside stitching on something, too. Great new start.

Catherine said...

Gosh Chris! Perhaps I should send my boys along with you ~ you keep going to all these places I know they would love!!
Cute snowman too!

marly said...

If I ever get to visit a new place, I'm having you plan it! Wow. And that s***man is adorable!

Margaret said...

Looks like a great museum and a great place to eat! Love your new start too.

Krista said...

Great pics, Chris! I almost feel like I am away too... almost! lol
Great new start on the snowman. Enjoy your day, looking forward to seeing your next adventure!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Cute snowman start! Looks like you're having a fabulous trip!

Vickie said...

Another great day! Good for you and Rich!

Barb said...

I like your new little start and I'm so glad you are enjoying the beautiful Pacific NW!