Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Finish, A Start & Some Badness In-between

Here is my little LK seasonal piece. It is on a 10 ct. Heatherfield. It was a fun stitch except for filling in the black parts with 310 DMC.
And now on to the badness.

We started the day here. I love this sign.

After checking out the sign it was on to look around the Saturday Market.

Rich and I did a little Christmas shopping. We also got a treat for Binx who is apparently at home sulking under the quilt on my bed.
Now the really bad part...

Yes, Voodoo Doughnuts.

Almost out turn after 20 minutes in line.

The goods...

There are more doughnuts underneath. I think the box weighs 6 lbs.

This guy has raspberry filling. So we ate him. The rest will be eaten over the next few days. It was worth it.
After that it was onto the Pearl District for some shopping. And then lunch. Actually it was breakfast. Portland is a breakfast town and this place only served breakfast on the weekends.



And my fabulous meal.

Ok. I am on carb overload.
After eating this we headed over to Forest Park.

Here is the view from up by the Pittock Mansion. We could see Mt. Hood but is doesn't show up well in the pic.

Then we took an hour and a half hike on the wildwood trail. What a beautiful place. The forest is a lot different than what we have in NC. What an awesome park. Maybe the hike counteracted some of the badness.
So tonight we are just taking it easy and watching some tv, trying to regroup for whatever tomorrow will bring.

I think the stitching is helping.

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cucki said...

Awww vodhoo doughnuts sound so cute and looks yummy too
Sweet stitching
Big hugs xxx

Vickie said...

Wild and crazy stuff Chris!

Shirlee said...

Those donuts alone would be worth the trip! "The rest will be eaten over the next few days?" Really? I don't think they would've lasted an hour with me : ) Great looking meal too! I know, I know ... I focusing on the food ... lol! The last time I was in Oregon was 12 years ago. You are making me want to go back : ) I wish you continued fun!

Margaret said...

So much fun to see what you are doing on your trip. Fantastic!

Loraine said...

Chris you had me worried with your title. LOL. I'm glad it wasn't anything too bad! Those donuts look amazing. Looks like such a great trip too. Love the new little Zippy project.

stitchinpeanut said...

Omg... those doughnuts..... wow they look so yummy. What a fun and relaxing day for you ..... thank you for sharing some of it with us... and what a cute finish.

Miss Pants said...

Haha..Yeah the food temptations in Portland are just too much. I think your hiking should help. :)

butterfly said...

Oh what wonderful yummy's, wonderful photos andwonderful stitching, hugs.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I don't know how you find time to stitch, your trip sounds very busy and lots of fun.

Catherine said...

Sssoooooo bad it's good!!!

Becky said...

Love your L*K piece - how cute for the season! While you're in Portland, you really need to go to Powell's City of Books - it's a bookstore that takes up literally one city block and is chock full of new, used and out-of-print books.