Sunday, July 15, 2012

Where Did The Weekend Go?

I can't believe it is over all ready!?! I have so much more I want to do.
Saturday started with Zumba. I'm the same strip a donut place just opened so I left Zumba and went next door.

Until this year there hasn't been a place for donuts in town. I got theses for Rich. He just burns everything off. He said they were good. Kind of similar to Dunkin Donuts.
After a shower I met up with Myra for lunch. Over some Mexican food for lunch we got caught up. I am so lucky that she lives nearby!
She brought me one of her fabulous needle/scissor cases.

Won't this be great for travel.

Thank you Myra!
Today Rich and I went for our morning hike. Ugh! We have high humidity. Last week was hotter, but we have been pretty wiped out after each hike.

We also run into lots of these, ugh! There aren't many other people hiking right now due to the weather.
After coming home and showering and having lunch, we headed out to do out weekly grocery shopping and made a trip to Costco to stock up on a few things. By the time we got home it was 6pm.

I was hoping to get this guy finished but it didn't happen.
So this upcoming week is going to be busy! The other tech is out so I will be covering the front counter and still trying to keep up on some of my own work. Also trying to help keep the crisis unit stocked. At least I am allowed overtime:)
Thanks for all the kind comments and welcome to my new followers. Keep cool and put some stitches in for me!


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Miss Pants said...

I love her cases that she's been working on.

Oh and the donuts look delicious. We have Donut World in Greensboro where they make them on site. It's very tempting. But I haven't had any since before Lena was born. Now that's willpower!

Margaret said...

Shouldn't show donuts on your blog -- oh yum!! Love what Myra brought you. Nice progress on the stitching too.

diamondc said...

Love the snowman oh and the donuts they look sooo good.

MoonBeam said...

Lucky that Blueberry Crumbcake needle book.

Is that a spider web, or what? Can't tell for sure. It looks haunting!


And This Little Pig said...

Love the cobweb, and I hate spiders :@

Chris as for your stitching Mojo, I'm sure it will come back when it is ready, and I look forward to seeing your snowman finished.

LiBBiE in Oz

Christina said...

Wow, another busy weekend. Definitely my kind of weekend...especially those doughnuts! ;0)
The needlecase Myra brought you is lovely. Her finishing is so neat.
Enjoy the warm weather...still waiting on Summer here!

Parsley said...

DONUTS! I wish there was a place nearby so I could get some! oh boy oh boy!

natalyK said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend, no wonder you didn't want it to end. Your stitching looks fabulous as always and I have had Myra's needle/scissor case on my wish list. They look soooo beautiful. Happy Stitching!

Sally said...

Myra's cases look fantastic!

Love your ornament. I need to get started on mine.

Oooh those doughnuts look delicious.

Vickie said...

Another job well done by Myra I see. You gave the donuts all to Rich?!?! Iron will power? I couldn't! What is your line of work Chris?

Catherine said...

Zumba followed by donuts sounds like a good plan to me. My problem is, not only would I bring them home, but I would eat them too!
You and Myra are so lucky to be close enough to meet up. Her finishing skills are amazing aren't they? I may just break down and order one of her cases. Love them!
Great shot of the web! But I'd do hate running into them when I am walking ~ I am always afraid that the builder will be then riding in my hair!
Not much stitching for me either this weekend ~ baseball was on tap!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I used to burn off donuts and whatever just by breathing but those days are LONG gone!
I would not be happy to run into a spider or web like the one you saw. Eeeek!
Love Myra's stitching cases - they're really pretty!

marly said...

As soon as I saw the donuts, I thought I should exit quickly. Glad I stayed! Until the web reminding me of the spider in my hair. But your stitching case and ****man were worth it!

Barb said...

Hi Chris, I love your new header. What is the pattern? Snowman is looking good. You and Rich were very brave to hike in heat and humidity. When we lived in Louisville, I used the treadmill in the summer not the winter! Have a good week!

Penny said...

Wow, I thought I was on the wrong blog for a minute. :) I love your new look! Is the piece in your header something you are working on? And then those donuts! :) Pretty needlecase and I love your little snowman ! Hope your day wasn't too rough.

Mindi said...

Those donuts look soooo yummy! I'm a sucker for just plain glazed donuts and maple bars. Stitching on the snowman is one way to try and forget about sticky heat. Seeing your blog header made me start feeling guilty over my own Jane Rees, which hasn't had a stitch put in her in almost 2 years.

heidistitches said...

I can't get over all the stitching you have been doing. It all looks great! Love your new banner too!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Your donuts are yummy looking, and I have to say... we're getting a brand new Krispy Kreme (how is THAT spelled?) across town. Glad it's way over there! Love seeing webs, but not body contact. The snowman WIP is cute - and nearly finished!

Brigitte said...

Isn't it great to stitch snow when the temperatures are so high? Cools you down a bit, lol.

Dani - tkdchick said...

That's a wonderful case I saw them on her blog the other day!

It sure has been hot I almost melted on my lunchtime walk today!

Hope you get that cute little snowman finished!!!

Cindy's Stitching said...

the zumba class and then the donut store. sounds like something i would do. I would eat the donuts. the case is pretty. pretty hot here also

Anne said...

Ooh Myra's sewing cases are spectacular! Lucky gal!! Love the spider web shot...and the donuts! Great progress on your snowman!!

Carol said...

Why is it guys just seem to be able to eat any amount of food and it just burns right off? Not fair!!! I hope you at least had a bit of a donut, Chris.

Glad you and Myra could meet up again--her gift to you is wonderful!! I just love that fabric...

Sure hope things cool off for you soon--we may actually get some rain tomorrow--yippee!!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

That spider's web looks huge. As someone who is afraid of them, I would hate to encounter a web this size in case the spider was in it.

valerie said...

Mmmm, donuts! Although I like cake and old fashioned ones the best. The needlebook from Myra is lovely...perfect fabric! And great progress on your little snowman!

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Chris! Now you've done it. I can't get my mind off of those donuts!...Love that needle beautiful case and your little snowman is going to be adorable! :)