Monday, July 2, 2012

Laying Low

Hello Friends.
I hope that you are having a great weekend and are keeping cool. I hope that everyone in the mid-Atlantic area will have power and AC soon. It is probably about 100 here. Hopefully by Wednesday it will break. We really need some rain.
I have not had any time to stitch during the week. Rich got home Tuesday night. I had exercise class a couple of nights and went out to eat on Friday night.
I finished the By The Bay SAL last night.

It really was fun to stitch. It was so generous of Donna to offer this design. I will try and get it into the frame soon.
Yesterday I went to this class..

What a great teacher! It was awesome. I am so lucky to have this studio nearby with a great group of teachers. All the special events they hold are wonderful.

These are some of the other participants.
On the work front my last day was Friday with the one job an then Monday I will start with the new company that has taken over the Behavioral Health services in the county. I have a huge amount of work to do since I need to enter all of my 600 patients back into the medication assistance tracking program that we use. At least I have a job and there is OT available for me to get caught up.
Thanks for all your kind words and support during my uncertainty leading up to the job. I know a month from now things will be back to normal.
Friday the pharmacy was closed since they were changing out the computers. Afterwards my pharmacist to the other tech and me out to dinner. We had a lovely time at a local Japanese steakhouse.
Rich and I usually have 4th of July week off but he is very busy at work and since my job just changed we will be staying in town. I am a little disappointed. I am ready for a road-trip. I am starting to get antsy about booking our vacation the first week of October. I am looking forward to going somewhere exciting :)
Well that is it from here. I am going to go stitch.
Keep cool my friends!
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Annette-California said...

Your sampler turned out beautiful Chris. So you plan to frame it? I'm not done with mine yet but I want to frame it. I love the colors. good luck with your new job. Hope all goes well.

Vickie said...

Nice work! So glad you have a new job. It is in the 100's every day here too. :(

Cath said...

Great finish Chris, it looks lovely .
Glad things have settled with your job .
When you do get your road trip , it will be even better for the wait .
Enjoy your week .

Carol said...

That's good to hear your work situation has worked out for you, Chris. And great that they're willing to pay OT, too!!

I love your little finish--it really is very pretty :) Hope you can manage to stay cool--we're frying up here in PA, too. Don't know when it's ever going to end!

Margaret said...

Love your By the Bay piece -- so gorgeous! Good for you on the Zumba too. Good luck with all that OT coming. I know how you're feeling about vacation. We haven't had one in almost 2 years and I so want one!

robindefender said...

Your SAL piece is very cute. Hope your new job is much less stressful.

Loraine said...

Love your little finish! Such a cute stitch.
I'm glad you have a job, and that has worked out for you. Good luck getting caught up!
My husband is working on the 4th too. It's a bummer, because it's always fun. Hopefully you can catch a BBQ or something fun.
Have a good one.

Cole said...

That's so great that everything's working out on the job front ~ and the opportunity for some OT will be great to help pay for that trip when it comes too!!

Your SAL looks great, congrats on your finish!

Anne said...

Good to hear things are working out for you jobwise and that they will pay OT! I hear you about getting antsy for a trip...I need one now!! Love the By the Bay finish! It's the sweetest little design!! That Zumba class looked like fun and hard work!!

Myra said...

Oh it is so pretty Chris! I can't wait to see it in the frame. You go girl with that Zumba. Maybe if we hang out enough some of your motivation will rub off on me. :o)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Fantastic job on finishing the SAL!!!!

Barb said...

Your By the Bay is so pretty!! I wish you the best in your new job!!You make Zumba sound like fun!

marly said...

How did I miss the job stuff? Maybe I'll break down and check into a Zumba DVD. Then I'll really break down if I use it. The Bay is gorgeous. Oval frame? Can't wait to see!

Suzanne said...

Great work finishing the SAL in looks beautiful!

butterfly said...

Love your SAL, I wish we could have a little sun every day here rain it's been like this for 4 weeks now no Summer.hugs.

Meari said...

Congrats on finishing your BTB SAL. I'm still plugging away at mine. The retreat put me behind, lol.

Enjoy your 4th, even though you're not going anywhere... and stay cool! It's supposed to be 100 here for the next 3 days. Ugh.

Penny said...

This is such a pretty design - I love it! I'm so happy for you that things seem to have worked out on the job front! :) Hope you are faring well in all of this heat.

Keeper of the Crowes said...

I keep meaning to tell you how much I love your blog header picture, especially at this time of the year! The SAL finish is so pretty. You are lucky to have such a great studio. I love my exercise group, as well!!!

Catherine said...

So glad your work is working out for you! Hope you are staying cool!